Vivobarefoot Namib Boot Review: Everything You Need to Know

We had to include Namib boot in the review for one good reason. We picture that you may be that person who loves hiking in the desert.

Vivobarefoot Namib boot tends to be quite thick and made from high-quality leather camel skin. The puncture-resistant material offers extra protection on the feet from thorns in the city’s desert or broken glasses.

The most wonderful thing is the padded collar with calfskin for comfort. The padding also prevents the foot from developing blisters after walking for long-distance.

Besides that, the material used to design the upper part of the barefoot boot are highly breathable. This prevents the toes from soaking up in the sweat hence minimize the emission of bad odor.

Also, the sole is made from rubber compounds that offer an amazing grip while walking in the street of the city. The sticky rubber performance compound of the sole is what makes the boots to stand out from others.

The heels are flat which is quite ideal for walking over a long distance without feeling any sort of discomfort. The lace-up helps to secure the feet inside the boot perfectly.

The cork insole can easily be removed when washing and it is made of naturally antibacterial materials. The chances of being affected with footrot are quite minimal in the long run.

It is designed with an ankle strap that helps to secure the foot and prevent the occurrence of injuries while hiking. The good news is that the nylon ankle strap can easily be removed when not in use.

The solid construction of the boots is designed to withstand the harsh desert environment as well as the everyday city wear year-round.

The heavy-duty lace help to keep sand and nasties of the desert out. This is the reason why they are quite popular footwear for hitting desert safaris.

The double stitches of the leather on the soles are quite strong and this helps to foster the durability of the boots when compared to the common ones in the market.

Another beautiful thing with the boots is that they come in different sizes and colors that can easily meet your tastes and preferences.

That’s not all. The sole is highly flexible and boots are lightweight. Hence, do not add extra weight while hiking in the desert or wilderness.

One big issue with these boots is that they are not waterproof. They can easily be soaked up since the leather tends to sip water in while waking in wet or muddy regions.

However, the price tends to be relatively affordable and this does not compromise the quality at all. They are worth the value despite coming in a few shades of colors. The one things that we may all not want to face up to is that they are beautiful shoes visually. This means that will not only get a shoe that we like the looks of but one that delivers from a functional standpoint. You will often find that this is not a common combination.


  • Made from premium camel skin leather
  • They are highly breathable
  • They are puncture-resistant
  • Highly padded to offer maximum comfort
  • Cork insole is naturally antibacterial and removable
  • The nylon ankle strap can be removed easily


  • Relatively expensive to some people
  • Not waterproof
  • Contain some low-quality nylon material

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