Vivobarefoot Primus Bio Review: What We Make of These

Vivobarefoot prides itself on making environmentally sustainable shoes and making more people aware of the beauty of barefoot shoes. One of the few shoe manufacturers that make it a point to make vegan shoes, using no animal products whatsoever. 

The Primus is one of the few shoes with a 360-degree bio-based solution for the TPU overlays, the outsole, and the meshes. It is an improved version of the primus lite. This is one of the manufacturer’s lightest shoes, thanks to reduced manufacturing processes and materials used in this shoe.  

Cutting down on chemical processes means that the way this shoe is made is kind of the environment. The VivoBarefoot Primus Bio is plant-based, something the manufacturer saw worked well after the 2017 release of the shoe made of algae, the ultra iii bloom. The Primus Bio has all the functionality and the aesthetics desired. 


Talk about the looks. What sort of style is it? Colors available, shape, and so on. The sole is skinny, and you hardly see it. The upper and the sole have the same color, and so it is easy not to see where one ends and the other ends. VivoBarefoot’s ethos is centered on sustainability, functionality, the impact on the environment, and design. 

This is a big part of footwear. It is hard to win people over if the design does not catch a person’s eye. The Primus Bio is no different from the other shoes that Vivobarefoot makes. The design is eyecatching and encourages you to leap into a pair as soon as you can. 

The shoes have a wide toe box, like other barefoot shoes, to allow the splaying of your toes. However, it is not an unseemly sight. They are easy on the eyes. It comes in green, which is almost a nod because this is an environmentally friendly shoe.


Like with most barefoot shoes, you must head over to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. This is because sizes can differ according to the shoe manufacturer. Vivobarefoot aims to make shoes the same size as your regular shoes, but it is always important to go by what you see and feel rather than what you are told alone. 

Try them on and makes sure that you have the right size. Remember that the toe box is made to be wide on purpose and may feel slightly bigger than usual. The extra space in the shoe is to allow your feet freedom.

However, it should not be too much to the extent that your feet are not secure, and they slip off as you go about your activities. 

Vivo barefoot has a section dedicated to helping you find the right size for you, it is called fit finder. The questionnaire will help you figure out what size you are. The primus bio ranges from UK size 6 to a UK size 14. 


It is made using a corn-based biopolymer. Vivobarefoot has used susterra propanediol. This has made it possible to make a very lightweight shoe that is also kind to the environment. According to Vivo Barefoot, the perfect shoe has to be environmentally friendly. 

The primus bio is comfortable to slip into, with just the right amount of space. It has a wide toe box to allow your feet the room to move as naturally as possible, which is the whole point of having a barefoot shoe. Vivobarefoot aims to recreate what you feel when you walk with no shoes on. 

This shoe does that, thanks to the skinny and flexible sole.  The glucose extracted from the corn and used to make the shoes makes the shoe lightweight and the best performance shoe on the market. The soles are incredibly flexible, which adds to the comfort level, regardless of where you are wearing them. 

Rigid shoes can cause blisters or feet problems when hiking or walking on uneven roads. When a shoe has a flexible sole like the Vivo barefoot primus bio, it gives your feet the chance to adapt to the ground naturally and react accordingly. You will also find that you feel more stable in the shoes, as well as balanced.


The material is very resistant to abrasions and everyday wear. The shoes are made of Susterra propanediol and DuPont Sorona. Susterra propanediol is taken from glucose in filed corn. 

It has no petroleum in it, and this is groundbreaking as most performance-based shoes have high levels of the stuff. This material is what makes the shoes durable and perfect to be used in different harsh environments.


The Vivobarefoot Primus Bio retails for about 100-120 pounds. This may seem like a hefty tag for a pair of barefoot shoes, but when you look at what the shoes offer you and how kind they are to the environment, you will realize that it is quite a good deal to slip into them. 

You get a great trail running shoe when you buy this primus bio. So before you compare its price to other shoes on the market, consider what else this particular shoe has to offer you. Then you will know if it is more trouble than its worth or if it’s a steal. In our opinion, it’s a great bargain.


Vivobarefoot has outdone themselves with the primus bio. It is a highly sustainable performance-based shoe that you can trust to take you on different types of trails. It is lightweight, which makes it the perfect running buddy and also helps you explore farther.

The flexible sole carries you across whether you are climbing, walking, or running. The fact that it is an environmentally friendly shoe makes it even more appealing, and this is before we even look at how great it looks. The primus bio is beauty with brains. We recommend it. You won’t be sorry. Happy shopping!

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