VivoBarefoot Primus Bootie Kids Review

VivoBarefoot Primus Bootie Kids

Today’s post is actually all about my son’s newest pair of shoes I just want to preface this video by saying that I am not the podiatrist I’m not an expert in the field of work movement mechanics or anything like that I’m just a mom trying to figure out how to provide the best in life for my kids.

So a little bit of background history before I get into the product review is that my husband has flat feet. His ankles roll in he has absolutely no other options and when he was about twenty I think he had to have an operation on his calf muscles because he developed compartment syndrome. So he was off work in office fate for about six months.

When Max was born we were fairly certain that he had the same fate I did go to a specialist chiropractor who I was seeing anyway from my postnatal treatment. And she just had a look at his feet and his legs and how everything was aligning. She said look it’s really hard to tell until later around to whether they’re going to have flat feet. All babies don’t have an arch but it doesn’t look like he’s probably going to have flat feet her advice was not to go to a podiatrist and get into souls like there the arch support.

Until he knew for sure until he’s a little bit older because your body is still developing. And if you put in artificial support before your body has a chance to develop its own strength. Before they’ve been looking for a long time then you can actually create weakness and make the problem worse.

She did recommend to just make sure that whatever shoes we did put on anymore really really flexible and really squishy. She said this is a brand that could be very good for him and they have a kids range. I went home and I research the company. I read on their website and everything that they are very expensive shoes, but I absolutely love the philosophy.

So the idea behind the very base which shoes for kids and also I think the company actually started for barefoot running so when you wear the shoes it’s meant to mean it’s meant to protect your feet but still may make as if you’ll barefoot so.

These are these when I go I got him the Vivobarefoot Mini Primus Kids in maybe an orange them mesh synthetic I do actually have vegan shoes as well they have leather shoes and also they have a quite a good right anyway so it’s easy to share.

These are the ones that I got him, Sir, if they are really lot right they switch shop like to write that just really squishy the goal this grape and the thing that I really love is that the fate the total area is really really winding so there’s no restriction whatsoever on his toes so that these ones have gone on the.

And then the velcro it’s got like the tongue velcro doesn’t really restrict his ankle. Yes, so the sure doesn’t come to follow up he is for it so he’s angles not restricted in anyone who gets full movement and I have to say yeah you don’t wear socks with them and I was concerned. That maybe like become a stop smelling something but he’s been wearing them he’s obviously not wearing them today but he’s been wearing them every single day since we got them.

And I think we’ve had them for about a month now and they smell brand new they just smell like regular shoes like this no extra within this to them I do have can instructions. Anyway, you can soak them and wash them with warm soapy water not recommended for the washing machine. The other thing that I’ve read is that with flat feet the important thing is to strengthen the not sorry because these are really flexible.

The best thing the shoes do is make sure he’s given the room that he needs. Doing lots of things where he’s strengthening the options so that by an I’m actually a little bit stronger. So they are not folding it but yes because he can also do all of that stuff and even a little bit more easily because if he’s you know the baffled because he’s outside playing.

And everything I have noticed that he does sort of to be to and jump a lot more and I feel that he’s a lot more physically active because he five think he feels comfortable in the shoes. From that perspective hopefully, he’s building up some strength in his feet.

It seems like they’ve done quite a lot of research on your hands and feet give a lot of sensory information back to your brain. So spending a lot of time outdoors climbing running jumping playing and things like that, especially for boys especially when they’re on the five, is really good for brain development. I was listening to Maggie didn’t who is parenting educate out and she was saying boys especially when the under-five learn through movement I learned through doing.

Thing is I need to be physically active and that’s why a lot of kids who are put into school and sat at desks seems like they feel restless and pay attention but it’s because they need to get that physical movement. So I think that that’s been really effective in that perspective he really loves these shoes this morning. When I was getting dressed he said to me I was putting on I just got some little like little sneaker kind of a skate shoes that he already had a put those on him and he said mommy with my good new shoes he wanted to wait days and I was like I’m really sorry but I want to make a video about them so you got with them today.

I’m really happy with them and I think that I’m going to be quite brand loyal. These shoes were that one of the cheaper ones in their range I think these were about ninety bucks or so. It is an investment and that is why I thought I would write a post about the reasons why I started to look for a shoe that was going to help my son grows.

On incumbent and help his fate develop they are an investment that quite expensive, and kids can grow really fast. The other thing that you need to do is to read the size guide because they don’t actually have size on the website. I got him some noise twenty-six as they are actually I think I just looked at the sandals.

That I had that he had probably properly fitted and I think I would like a size twenty-five and I saw that he probably had enough room in it for maybe another three months and so I got the next size up and I don’t think that that’s a problem like this I’ve got plenty of space for him to grow they should last him a little bit longer because of the in cool kind of area my kids so.

It’s sort of sticks to his feet and because their wide tar anyway this look to spice. Now, I didn’t think that it would matter if there was a little bit more spice up the front and they’re really groupie they’ve got all these little hexagons. I thought that if they’re a little bit too big it doesn’t really matter I will continue to buy these shoes.

I think that it is totally worth it’ll be definitely getting either the other content on even looked at a few of the adult ones the I don’t ones are a lot more expensive. There in the range of like the usual, you know not grown as a couple of hundred Bucks so I have even thought about getting him some because I think that that be quite comfortable.

Because he does still get really suffer and even some for myself the thing is because you can wear them every single day. They’re really good quality. I really think that they’re going to last. They really will be worth it.

I also have another boy coming so all safeties and he can wear them. He is the right size for them. But yeah I think I have a role it means that I don’t have to have three or four pairs of cheap crappy shoes. All that went out there is not there are absolutely no signs of wear and tear on the shoes other than the obvious that day because he’s been running and playing and splashing in mind but he’s had these weight because it’s been raining and they just try out completely fine the only wear and tear that they have is that obviously because he’s wearing bad for the sole is black because he’s not got socks on that’s all for me today. 

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