VivoBarefoot Primus Trail FG Review

VivoBarefoot Primus Trail FG

 Considering getting the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail FG, but not sure yet? Perhaps you need so more information before you make up your mind. This should help. Our research unearthed this gem.


  • They are 100% vegan
  • They are lightweight and very comfortable.
  • They do not have the durability issues often associated with vivobarefoot.
  • They are water-resistant.
  • They are very roomy.


  • The eyelets could be stronger.
  • They offer little traction on wet surfaces.

“Hell yeah, man, you already know what time it is. Boy, after two weeks, boy or however long it took, got that male… Got that man, that is not green, that is definitely not some vegetable. From the hall video, I did, yeah. And you already know what time it is. Boy, to… Let’s review this who finally, dude. I’ve been waiting so long for this pair of shoe men, with deep and killing me.

Let’s just get right into a man. No, let’s just get a thumbnail, let’s just get right into it, man, no bullshit here, I’m just gonna open it right out.

Shipping took about a week or two.

Now, how long? I’m not sure how long it…

Ah, shit.

The logo was facing the wrong way.

Here you go. So let’s first impression is gonna get a quick smell. Test smells like it’s is like industrial rubber.

Alright, let’s pop it on open first leave that pops out my receipt. The cool thing about these packages, the going about this packaging is that says It’s actually biodegradable, as long as you leave it in an open environment, so that’s pretty cool. First impression smell to industrial plastic. Unwrap is on math. These bad boys due.

Oh, oh yeah, I do look at that size, 10 for myself.

These are the VIVObarefoot Primus trails, so we got the sturdy soul there we got the recycled PET plastic mesh upper.

Now, the only thing I worry about with this is the fit. I’ve seen some complaints about people saying that these are a little bit too skinny for their foot.

I’m giving them a look over. It looks like it’s gonna be fine, if anything, it might be too big for me, which is weird because I’ve seen people say they run small. Let’s check it out.

Yeah, it looks like it would be a tad bit.

We’ll figure it out. I really don’t want to so much shit in one.

So, they included this little… All this little fun pitfall actually you can throw it or whatever. And there’s only one way to try it out and that just involves trying it out. So not really sure how this system works. Okay, you just slide that up alright?

No well, maybe I should get most shoes.

Well, let’s just put my first foot in and see how it goes. A lot of room in the shoe, there’s a lot of room in this shoe. Hold on, signed it up, can we tighten it up?

So I don’t know if you guys can see but first thoughts is it’s feeling very much different than a normal shoe. I’ve never worn a barefoot shoe, so it’s definitely like doesn’t have that normal cushion, a shoe, which is kind of the whole point there I will say, the bottom of it is very, very firm, it’s very stable. Does it does seem like it claims on their website that they have a sort of puncture resistance?

It definitely seems to be the case when you just squeeze all around the shoe, there’s definitely no play there. The only thing is… So I wear like a 10 to a 10 and a half in other brand shoes as the only other shoe I wear. I’ve learned some is before the show is seen me a little big for me.

The construction of the shoe seems legit, it doesn’t seem floppy, or flimsy or anything like that.

The Toba seems like it’s got a lot of space in there is currently the shoes I’m wearing they’re very crowded up at the top. Also, my toe, I would say in these shoes possible, I’m just not used to the extra room in the toe.

Then yeah, I, I can’t really tell us the shoes are a big… See, from the angle that I’m giving you guys. They don’t really look big but it’s so weird honestly, they might be the right family, actually.

Yeah, I’m trying to feel like where my to… Comes up to and it’s like maybe right here, so they’re definitely… I’m not sure if you’re supposed to kind of graze the top of the show, but there’s definitely some extra room in there, right?

I think maybe I could have gone a half-size lower, maybe a half-size lower. I’m not sure in terms of…

I can cut my foot up a little bit if I cool. Alright, so if I touch my toes to the top which I’m assuming your shoes are not supposed to be, there’s about, “This is a good finger is worth of space. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be that case, but I can fit my finger behind my heels. So I don’t know if that gives you perspective but like I said I’m a 10, I’m a size 10 and a lot of other shoes, so yeah, I might have to just kinda walk around with these. Let me just pop the other shoe one and I’ll walk around.

We’ll say this is easily one of the most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought next to maybe some high-quality boots or something. Yeah, also you can see that these don’t have laces, they just have this little stretchy material and I’m wearing a pretty normal sock if anything my sock is on the thicker side, which could actually be a problem if I were to wear some skinny ankle. So just because as it is, it feels like these are slightly big though. As I said, I’m not really sure how the fit is supposed to be on them, but… Yeah, in terms of the quality and stuff, I’m like, in it.

The only thing I’d be slightly worried about is if you work in an environment where you could potentially drop things on your foot, or something. These are not necessarily gonna offer the most protection which is actually something I was concerned about, I would just kinda use these as my daily walking shoes and I definitely wouldn’t try to do anything too strenuous in terms of labour with them, they definitely seem like they would be fine in most environments, especially with this really thick bottom that they have.

It’s almost like mild let or something, it’s pretty nice. It doesn’t seem too rigid though, it definitely flexes. So let me just kind of walk around with them, and see how they do.

Yeah, when they’re put sufficiently tight, they actually don’t feel bad at all that, yeah, the… Yeah, you know I don’t know they actually don’t seem too big.

It’s weird… It’s definitely a different sensation if you’re used to wearing shoes that make your feet feel like I don’t know how to describe it, coy or come… Or cushioned or something, These definitely have a different feel. They remind me of a bowling shoe. They’re not exactly like a bowling shoe.

It just reminds me of that feeling when you first put your feet in a bowling shoes in your life so these are not comfortable, they’re not meant to be comfortable, these are not meant to be cushion, but supposedly the feeling of that more firm surface under your feet, it’s supposed to be better for your feet and the to box of these is clearly a lot wider.

Let me show you guys what I’m wearing now and we’ll do a comparison. Yeah, I could get used to this.

So these are the shoes I wear now these are some 86. I don’t really know what the model of them is but just kind of a side-by-side comparison, you can tell, especially where the to box is. These ones are a bit wider. And let me show you guys. So this is the right foot, right now. You can see on my old shoes. There’s this whole emerging at the top. I don’t think it’s not actually a whole I think what it is, right? Because I was noticing this today, my big toe, my big toe on these shoes.

It actually comes right here. And I think what it does, it’s been pushing the fabric, forward just because my toe is so crammed against the top of the shoe, whereas in these shoes, it’s around here, it’s not so much dead in the middle. Like on the issues, but also there’s this extra space on the left side where open perhaps over time my to… Will actually be able to kind of go out to more like if it wanted to, whereas in the issues my… To runs along the edge, and it just might nail kinda sticks out over here.

So I’m hoping that that will help. And also, yeah, there just seems to be a whole host of space.

No, I… Like, I don’t know how to describe it. It’s very strange. My toes don’t seem cramped.

I think that’s the only way I could put it.

I think maybe that extra space is what you’re kinda supposed to have. You’re not supposed to feel like your toes are being smashed together also if you just kinda look at it. This definitely seems a lot wider in this area.

Yeah, it’s really strange, but it seems so skinny over here, but it’s actually really nice, it’s really comfortable.

Yeah, I think some people were complaining that I think if you have… Especially, wide feet, but my feet are pretty wide, I wouldn’t consider my feet to be super skinny or anything. So they seem to be pretty good and especially bending them and stuff.

So yeah, I’m definitely gonna have to wear these for a couple of weeks before I really kinda get to know the ins and outs of it but let me just take my foot out real quick.

Alright, so… Yeah, I don’t know, I feel like my foot doesn’t look an especially skinny or anything, but this is side by side comparison, so let’s see these are… Oh, wow. Or these actually do they have an E? So Euro 44 I think, “What do these 45…

I forgot what I said.

4-3. Well, that’s so strange. So these are… Are these a UK or a year one?

Well, so this is apparently a European 43, and these are apparently a European 44, so apparently the ASIC are supposed to be bigger, but it’s weird, wearing these shoes. The A6 field smaller, that’s so strange.

Alright, let’s put the back next which is a… Wow, that’s so strange.

Oh, you know what, that probably is. That’s the extra patting on the back. So the beginning of the show actually starts in a similar spot. Think and then, I guess due to the fact that it points a bit more than like, I don’t know, this is really, really interesting.

I’m telling you, when I wear these shoes actually you know what, this is perfect. Let me put my foot into my 86, and I’ll show you.

So I literally wore these today wear these every single day, just because they’re really late, but also like those shoes they don’t really have a super protective in a top part, so that doesn’t really matter as much.

But yeah, so when I’m wearing these shoes this is my big toe.

Yeah, it’s really nice. So my big toe in this… So literally, if I rub the side of the shoe like this, this is my big toe, that’s like my Bunny and that’s farming, this is my big toe there’s no extra space, this is the side of the shoe. That’s my big toe.

And it comes out to her, and I’m pretty sure that’s why this is coming out like that is ’cause it keeps pressing up against it and all my other toes they’re just like flush against the side of the shoe. There’s not much more room in this. In fact, you can actually see at my sock underneath the holes right there, that’s my foot right there.

I don’t know if you could tell, but my big toe is sideways like this, this is my big dog. Like if I put just my big toe up, that’s it, right there.

Yeah, that’s like my first knuckle and then that’s my Bonny in right there as opposed to in these shoes and I try to put my, just my big toe up, it’s still slanted because my feet are fucked up, but you can tell there’s more room in the shoe. I don’t know if I could artificially move my foot over more, but yeah, this is me, now pressing my foot against the side of the shoe on purpose, but it shifts my whole foot but you can see there’s room in the shoe.

So essentially, if these are my toes what’s happening is my foot is just always kind of being like this, but in the shoe, it goes straight forward, more so it could come out like this, right?

So, when I shove my foot against the side of the shoe, there’s more room on this side whereas in these shoes my big toes. Just like this almost exactly, and it’s just against the side of the shoe and so are these toes, there against the side issue.

So it’s really interesting.

Would shoot, should I take off on a Fishman easier?

So I give you a better idea, maybe sorry, for those of you that don’t like feet.

Alright, so this is my foot now when my foot is literally barefoot. It actually kind of like if I wanted to make me to kinda sit in a more normal position, I could kinda… That looks pretty normal, but naturally, when it’s in the show, it’s more like that and it’s, it’s very much more amplified than that to start to do that.

And you can see that on the side here, to this is starting to get really bony starting at “Ruabon and the pads on my toes are kind of misformed as well, I think out of pressure there and all my toes just kinda crowd together, especially in the shoes and the issues, you know what I think, I suppose it feels like it’s too big, but when I’m wearing them, “I realize it’s not…

I think that’s on purpose. I think that’s just the extra space you get in the tobu. I don’t know how to describe that, I don’t know if this is helpful at all, but yeah, I mean my foot isn’t magically in a better it’s not automatically going to just correct itself, like Okay, so if this is the way my foot is in the shoe then optimally, it would be like that, right?

So I’m applying some pressure against my to… To try to straighten it out a bit, but when it’s in the shoe, it’s easily getting to be like that, right? That’s why I was saying it’s right up against the side here, going more towards the centre like that, whereas in these shoes, there’s all this room over here.

Okay, so it’s not pointing maybe, is there a way I can emphasize that? I don’t know if there’s a way that I wish I could show you the outline of the shoe may be on the bottoms or something.

Let’s see, I feel like that doesn’t do it justice.

Well, actually. Okay, so at the top here you can kinda see at the tip of the shoe, where it comes to the front, there’s so much rounding here, whereas on this show, it’s not, it’s pretty straightforward.

And I think, not to say that the footprint of the shoe is the room that your foot has, but that’s literally what’s happening in the shoe. It’s rounding off so much where the big toe is that instead of allowing the natural curve of my foot to exist like this, whereas in this…

So you can see it would just a straight on the front just like this, this… So, it rounds off so much towards the front of the shoe like this going foot in this position it very much outlines what the A6 look like, whereas in the barefoot shoe optimally my foot could do this, it actually could whereas in the A6 if I tried to do that with my toe, it would just hit the side of the shoe, I wouldn’t go any further.

So I’m not sure about the science behind all of this, but I’m hoping… After a while of wearing them, and walking on them, and just wearing barefoot shoes, forever that my toes will feel like they can spread out a bit more and then my big toe won’t keep doing that and I won’t get really bad unions because they’re definitely starting to get it. It’s not I feel like the video doesn’t really do it justice, but yeah, there’s this one happening right here. And my big toe was always going either under over or whatever.

So yeah, I don’t know, I think I like them.

I think this is gonna be good for me. Even today when I was working, I was thinking about it. I’m wearing these and I’m like, “Oh God, these are so much smaller than I want them to be, but it fits me, it’s just, it’s just crowding my toes whereas, in these barefoot shoes, I’m not really feeling any sort of to pressure trying to close my eyes and think about the difference between the barefoot in terms of my toe position, yeah.

I’m hoping it gets better, I think, in tandem with wearing the barefoot. So now that I have the extra space in the shoe I could wear like a T-space. I think I actually have them, it’s like a little thing that I put over my big toe when it spaces, it out from the rest of my toes and now, at least in these shoes, there will be more room for my to Toby.

Super cool. Yeah, these were 160 full-price and then I got the 30 referral discount off of it. So yeah, they’re in the price range, but their vegan made from some recycled material, they seem really durable. These ones seem like they could be a mix between a running shoe and the normal shoe.

So yeah, I’m liking them. They seem sleek, they seem kind of like stealthy, or something, I don’t think they look all that weird like the whole… People saying that the whole people saying that the Y-to-box is supposed to look uglier, or something. I don’t know, I don’t really look at that. You think that is worth fucking your feet up over, “I really don’t see it.

And of course, the zero drop as compared to the pretty thick drop on this shoe.

So in this… So this is all drop right here. Whereas, in this, she…

I could be wrong about this, but I think my heel actually kind of dips below this line, right here and it stays consistent, through the shoe whereas over here it’s really thick and then it thins out at the front.

So yeah, overall I’m excited to see how these work for me and, honestly, I could give two shits about the way it looks. Man, I like it. I think it looks fine.

I don’t see why people would care about the shoes, they wear over time. This is just gonna be better off for my foot. Definitely 100%, so I’m gonna wear these every single day, it’s rest of my life now. Maybe cop the boot ones for the winter or something and hopefully, I can correct this problem also I’ve been using corrector that I strapped my big toe to it so that it kind of shifts it over more.

And then I have these not guards, but, a spacer is that I can put right here so I could wear my Vivo, barefoot-like this with my toes, like this. And maybe that would help, I’m not sure I have to look into it more, but yeah, super cool, I’m happy with it so far, I’m gonna wear it and I’ll do an update video soon. But yeah, that’s the VIVO. Barefoot Primus trails vegan recycled all that good stuff, man, go out and cap, and yeah, I will do, I will do an update video and maybe a few weeks or a month or so.

Thanks for watching. I like, “By the way, added bonus. It’s gotta be on it.

It nineteen who?

Okay, thanks for watching, and fuck off your bullshit shoes and get some barefoot. Get the vegan ones, peace. 

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