Vivobarefoot Primus vs Stealth

We took two shoes that we love from the same brand. Our aim was to put them head to head to see which of the two is ideal for various scenarios. There are various characteristics that we will compare in this article. Here is Vivobarefoot Primus vs Stealth.

What is the Vivobarefoot Primus?

Vivobarefoot Primus

The Vivo barefoot primus shoe is the lightest movement shoe possible. It follows the natural shape of your foot. This gives the least possible amount of interference of natural movement, which allows for maximum sensory movement.

These shoes make the most of the discarded plastic and do their part for the environment. They are made of recycled PET bottles. They are also made using animal product-free products. 

It is the first shoe where they have tried to put together a 360-degree bio-based solution for the outsole, the meshes, the TPU underlays. Chemical processes produce super flexible outsoles ad this makes for a great barefoot shoe.

The mesh is made of a combination of yarns. 49% of the shoe is made of plants. It will go the distance, and it is sustainable.

Average Rating 4.2 out of 5.0 stars

What is the Vivobarefoot Stealth?

Vivobarefoot Stealth

Vivobarefoot also makes stealth shoes. If you do a lot of walking then you will appreciate the benefits that come with zero drop shoes. They are lightweight and flexible with a toe guard to keep you from stubbing your toes as you run or walk.

Keeping in mind that this is a minimalist shoe. Stealth shoes make use of some of the latest technology to come up with a shoe that gives you the best of the running minimal. Stealth shoes are also made of outlasting material, amongst others, and this is known to be used in space wear. 

This material regulates heat by moving it away from the foot and then when the foot cools down it releases that same heat back to the foot. So you know you will have optimal heat regulation.

Like other Vivo barefoot shoes, stealth shoes do not necessarily have a midsole because they are designed to give you a lot of sensory perception. It takes the strain to the outsole which is designed to give good traction with the hexagonal shape.

Average Rating 3.9 out of 5.0 stars

Products Overview

As with a lot of minimalist shoes, both lines allow you to feel the ground more closely than with regular shoes. They also have a wide to-box. Stealth shoes are no different. They are also not particularly narrow at the heel.

The minimalist design helps you feel all the nooks and crannies in the ground. This is also made possible by the fact that the shoe has no midsole. The Vivobarefoot Primus is extremely minimalist and has a very thin sole of just 3mm.

If you are not accustomed to wearing minimalist shoes then it is not a good idea to start with this shoe.

Comparison Criteria

We compare and contrast the Vivo barefoot primus shoes and stealth shoes. They are both minimalist shoes however they do not offer the same features.

They are made with different purposes in mind and hence weighing the odds is in your best interests. We take a look at factors such as durability, design, comfort, and ease of movement amongst others.

General Pricing Comparison

Pricing is not one area that you can set the stealth apart from the Primus. They both come within the same sort of range we are pricing is concerned. The only variation will come where colours styles and sizing is concerned.

They are also cases where different retailers may have the shoes are different prices. You may also find that size is that a skirt or in short supply tends to be hiked in pricing.

This is also the case for shoes that are popular. It is not a problem that is reserved for Vivobarefoot. Other brands face this as well.

General Selection Comparison

We all love having very issues to choose from. Even though we may love the design of the shoe we might want it in a different colour. That is something that we can get from the Primus in abundance. 

They are quite a lot of shoes in the price range you can get them in all sorts of different colours as well as all sorts of different sizes. You will be happy to find that they are Primus shoes for toddlers for school kids as well as for both men and women.

From a design standpoint, you have Primus use that comes with a V strap others that come with a tapped pulling sort of lacing system as well as others that come with the regulating.

The tab system is a quick-release mechanism that allows you to Simply pull tab top-down and push the liver in order to tighten the laces and do the opposite to listen to them.

Another thing that the Primus offers or shoes that come with slightly different designs. If you’re not happy with having mesh panels all around the shoe on the other shoes such as the Primus knits which don’t come with this. 

From a design perspective, the stealth does not offer as many options as the line of primer says does. However, this is not to say they’re not any options are tall for those of us who want to get a pair of stuff.

They are in five colours to choose from in the staff line. You can get them in Indigo, black, black-red, white, or Cordovan. In my opinion, this is a vast array of options for anyone.

They allow you to Have shoes that can be moulded into all sorts of scenarios and tastes.

General Durability Comparison

There are a lot of things that can be criticised about the Primus. The one thing that I have yet to come across anyone moaning about is your ability. The first indicator for durability on the shoes is the no sewing just construction that was done all her on the shoe.

As we have already mentioned when you go without the seams one weakest link is gotten rid of immediately.

The next part that often causes concern is the soles. The ones in these shoes are made out of a synthetic material I know that doesn’t sound very strong. I’ll have you know that it does a great job.

It surprisingly feels really study when you have it in your hands. The other part of the shoes is probably the upper area that seems a bit weak. However, depending on the sort of activities that you get up to there should not be any problems. The fewer eyelets are covered in part by the V strap.

In comparison to the Stealth, one could say that the Primus is slightly weaker. That is if we base a comparison on the upper part of the shoes. Just by looking at it you can tell that the material used on the stealth will likely hold up to more pressure done that on the mortise.

They both have no sewing technology used on them. The soles are quite similar. The same synthetic rubber material that we find on the tall area of the Primus is also used on the stealth.

If we look at the shoe eyelets, they seem to be reinforced with some stitching which tells us that they last a while. That’s some great news.

General Design Comparison

Of all the shoes made by this brand, the Primus is probably the most expensive one. This is in the sense that they are several versions of this you. I want to attribute this to interest from buyers and design that is clearly well thought out.

To ensure that everyone gets something that they value and like. Vivobarefoot has continued to make small amounts to each design to provide people with the versatility they are after.

The difference between one Primus to another is so subtle that you can always tell the resemblance from one pair to another. This is something that we love about this you. Generally, he did describe the design as one that allows breathability.

They are mesh panels over the top of the foot and on the sides on most shoes in this line. The outliers are the ones that do not have the mesh lining on the sides.

One of the similarities are you find between the Stealth, and the Primus is the emphasis on breathability. With the Stealth, you will find that the breathable material covers the entire upper part of the shoe, except for a small part around the toes covered by a rubber layer.

There is obviously some wisdom to this. It is done to ensure that your toes are protected.

That is not something that you would be able to get from the mesh lining. You may not notice from just looking at the shoes that they are featuring a no-sew sort of technology.

This makes him quite durable. The seams tend to come under a lot of pressure which often leads to them becoming undone. There is a two-colour palette used on the self. It keeps things very simple yet elegant.

Key Features of each brand

Vivobarefoot Stealth shoes

  • The stealth shoes are flexible and have a toe guard to keep you from stubbing your toes
  • They have a mesh honeycomb top
  • The mesh is on the outside and on the inside to stop debris from getting in the shoe.
  • They have a stitchless finish and traditional style lacing.
  • The shoes also have some heel support as well. 
  • They have reflective material, so you know you have an additional safety feature for early morning jogs or evening walks.
  • The inside of the shoe is made of Dri-Lex material, which is the original moisture management material. This will serve as your moisture-wicking agent that moves moisture away from your foot. 
  • They have good traction, thanks to the hexagonal shape on the outsole. 
  • They come with two removable insoles. This helps you get a little bit more protection from the ground, especially if you are still getting used to wearing minimalist shoes. You can remove them when you think you can now handle the heat of more sensory perception.

Vivobarefoot Primus shoes

These have a few features that make them a hit. Some of these are:

  • They are made of breathable recycled PET Mesh to keep feet cool
  • Moisture-wicking recycled PET Mesh –for minimal wet weight
  • They have quick drain zones for faster dry time
  • They have a firm ground 3mm thin sole


What we think about Primus Sole 

The outsole is flexible and foldable. It is also best used on firm ground rather than on hikes or trails that are rocky. The soles on Vivo barefoot primus shoes do not offer much traction on rough terrain such as mountainous areas. 

What we think about Stealth Sole 

The soles are 3mm thick and are made of PRO5 material. They have a hexagonal shape on them, which makes for great traction on both dry and wet ground.

The material the soles are made of makes them flexible but also keeps your feet protected. It is also 5 more times puncture resistant than regular rubber.


What do we think about Primus Breathability

You will remember that we mentioned the mesh up is used in the Primus construction. This is a key component in the recipe for incredible breathability. It is a lightweight material that allows for ease of movement here from within the shoe and outside of it.

The same material can be found in some form on either side of the shoe, which makes the entire shoe breathable. The rear end is probably the one area that has less of an emphasis on breathability.

What do we think about Stealth Breathability

In comparison to the Primus would probably say that the stills are slightly more breathable. The difference probably comes down to the fact that there is more mesh on the area surrounding the entire Stealth.

As you can imagine, the more mesh there is, the more breathable the shoes will become. The two areas with the least breathability will probably be the toe region covered by some synthetic rubber material, as is the rear end of the shoe.

Both of these have purposes. One protects the tall another one provides some support. 


What do we think about Primus Insoles 

The insoles used in the Primus will vary. For the sake of this comparison, we took one from the Primus FG. This has a performance insole that is made out of a combination of algae and other materials. 

What do we think about Stealth Insoles 

The Stealth has performance insoles. As the name would suggest, they are built to ensure that you can perform at the highest level while receiving ample support and protection from underneath you. They are known to be both durable and comfortable.

Pros and Cons of each brand

Top pros for Primus

  • They are lightweight
  • They are flexible
  • They have a wide toe box and allow you to get more out of your feet 
  • They are inconspicuous, so that you can wear them with a semi-casual and sometimes formal outfit. 

Top pros for Stealth 

  • They have a durable upper
  • The cage and mesh system wrap around your footwell
  • The reinforced toe cup helps protect your toes from scrapes and bruises.
  • The shoe is durable
  • They are lightweight

What we think could be better about the Vivobarefoot Primus shoe

  • Like other Vivo barefoot lines, the primus shoes are pretty pricey.
  • They are best suited for road running and not trail running.
  • These shoes have an outsole design that is prone to easy slippage. If you’re on dry roads and paths, you won’t notice a thing. 

What we think could be better about the Vivobarefoot Stealth shoes.

  • The fit can be confusing, and so you will need to ensure you get the right ones. Stealth shoes are made with wider toe boxes and a somewhat narrower heel. If you get a shoe that is the same size as your regular shoes, you may find a bit of a difference in the way they fit. Get fitted.
  • The insoles tend to move around more than they ought to. Some wearers turn to stick the insoles down, but this then defeats their removable purpose. 


Your feet have all the technology you need already, and this is the premise that Vivo barefoot builds its shoes on. Both stealth shoes and Primus shoes have their pros and cons. We have weighed them both, and we hope this helps you find the shoes that best suit you.

The durability offered by stealth shoes will get you more miles out of the shoes than regular shoes. Vivobarefoot Primus shoes are zero drops and give you the benefits of a minimalist shoe, yet still allow you to wear them daily and still look good.

Some shoes can not be worn in any space as they look a bit too athletic, but the primus has that edge over them. Happy shopping!

After a more classic formal look, be sure to check out our article on the Vivobarefoot fulham.

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