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Just want to check to kick it a little bit of a review on our latest product it’s new.

A mistrial some run so the swimmer and shoot we’ve been we have yet it’s just be released them off now we’ve been developing it with the guys from Attila or killer skews my absence from producing it pronouncing it wrong.

But anyway these guys of the founders of swim right and then the pioneers of certain Ryan and hosting the World Series every really proud to be part of them but it’s also being really sort of incremental when it comes to developing the product and working without design team as you know trail running.

We’ve done really well at the moment so on the writing side of the swim run we have a pretty product is pretty good product that we really do no well already and it’s done a lot of development in so it was the swimming side we work really closely with this woman does as well to try to take our product to the next level so.

Not further if you let’s get into the categories as you know some run pretty much a.

It speaks for itself swimming and running but is actually a third element to it and that’s the transition started getting in and out of the water and I speak about all three of those elements in a moment Sir first step let’s talk about the running side of it with one for what would be a neoprene a personalized stretchable.

Material that fits nice and snug in the foot lots of breathable mesh windows on either side so one of the key elements not only in trail running but in running and swimming is is to have your foot pedal to you to swim running it is to be able to breathe the day move through your photo through the shoot and that helps with multiple reasons regulating temperature and helping keep the foot dry so which put me Johnny gonna get lots and lots of blisters foundations flats wide inflexible we still have those and as you know we were on of the foot so I.

With one for the firm ground soul which is to try his luck and this works really well food for multiple reasons is it groups in any direction so you can see if you’re coming down the mountain having to break if you coming across the slope the shoe is able to grip no matter what direction it’s going on so that should be a little bit thirty I’ve been.

Study to test this paper that’s what should like to look like a nice bright orange colour.

The compound itself is slightly different to the normal firm ground compound because we’re going in and out of the water and the guys in the design team effort and the guys that I decided to try out for something which is still really durable so it’s a highly durable rubber but they’ve they’ve gone from was the compound so if you get your hands on a pay you can even just with the feel in the hand it’s a much sort of sticky rubber going in and out the water when the shoe is we can really grow much beta moving across those rocky surfaces part of the reasons we’ve gone for the firm ground so is the souls who gives you a lot more traction grounds to show say guns if this content you can imagine a rock is that shape with the shoes can really take shape your food and grip on the rocks at issue when you’re not moving Fossey having to me really carefully up steep all the results coming in and out of the words of this this transition side of it coming down a slope you want to be able to to get maximum grip on those rocky surfaces as you can and without a doubt this is the soul to do it in some maximum service contract contact with the great fear of a multi directional soul I’m going in and out of the water you can really feel super confident.

Another interesting aspect which comes to the writing instruments side of things was the lacing system so you can see it comes with a drawstring lacing system for myself when it comes to the transition in the cold water I do like the drawstring lacing system has a nice big loop if your hands are cold and you need to get your shoes on or you can really it’s not if you have the time it’s really easy to operate I just put it nice and tight.

Tuck it under the front like a.

Lacey was an interesting one for us because our elite team and a lot of you guys online if and giving feedback for a license will look different origins different feet different sizes we like different teachings on our running shoes so what we’ve done is we’ve actually.

We’ll be putting lacing all the boxes so what was done with a nice is the shape of the ice is the laces I will I will shape and has some good abrasion on a stop slipping and and I’m coming I’m done the material is also water leaking so it’s not going to become a big soggy piece of string on your shoes safe your she met a lace Mandalay’s lady these are the things to put in your shoes let’s put it in there for you and it’s going to come in all the boxes the only catch is if you do prefer laces y’all gonna have to cut off the the drawstring and then there’s no going back there are lots more than big enough to take the lacing system Sir Sir it’s a good feature to have so you can choose if you prefer to go for the jul pull string or the lacing system and we will be provided so that that works really really well another feature which you can choose which comes in the shoes is an inner soul with the footbed.

I personally prefer to run without the assault I feel that the likes give you enough underfoot if you meet the press that’s right but if you need you to pay for it and you still feel that you’d like a little bit of.

I would call the contents of the just something and I knew you would be paid then.

The initial is going to be an issue for you.

A little bit about the in a salsa is going through as you can see really nice big holes the reason for that is once again a line for two-three the line will to to get off the foot to drive as quickly as possible so that’ll help in hot conditions along the foot to breathe I know seem cold conditions regulating the temperature but more importantly it’s getting rid of the water off your foot to prevent any blisters I don’t know how safe is some fine debut that gets into the shoot kind of which is way to the bottle and a bottom and settles in the little holes every day says say choice is yours you can either go with it all without just and.

So when it comes to swimming the shoe itself.

Naturally just just makes a really good some issue as I mentioned earlier we always got a full flat wide and flexible with as little weight to the shoe is possible if you look at anything that that strong swim in the ocean that has a tile roof in or flipper it tends to be white which is to be flexible so the shoot will to massively we’re right on the feet in the water so few assuming in that direction the natural flexibility of the shoot allows your foot to streamline and to help propel yourself forward so it has a slight kick back on the shoot bending that way foot can relax and can move with the will to which comes in handy as a lot of guys on kicking massively in the waters yeah boys so the the shoes working really well and as I said it’s nice and wide as almost flat fee so which is be able to propel you through the winter instead of a big step.

Maybe that’ll may still works is not running through the shoe and she’s not fixable you dragging almost like two anchors after the war.

Which really well swimming material as I just mentioned it is a will to weaken material so that also wicks when you get out of the will to it then allows the the water to get out of the chute the windows on on either side of the issue as you plan to fascist also as you start running allow the water to add to be to get out of the shoe and allow it to be pumped through the shoe to drive.

That’s it I don’t know if you’ve tried sermon or not but I would definitely think about getting a pair of these and if you give some run a try for myself personally I think I found my favourite trail street then if the bus is going to be happy that I’m just promoting this is as trail shoes well but we have great show she’s out there but this specifically because of the fact that neoprene opposite the brevet readability and then you rubber compound soul this is by far my favourite Chelsea but it’s without a doubt the base swimming shoot is on the market so they get out they go visit the website check out a telecheck out the race calendar is follow Aidid’s and and give us your feedback on the product so hope you enjoy them.

I might not have wanted everything set.

Some questions and hopefully we can I give you so it would give you the right answers thanks for tuning in to.

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