Vivobarefoot Tracker Snow Sg Review: Ultimate Hiker’s Shoe?

Vivobarefoot Tracker Snow Sg

Guess what?

The Nubuck leather material makes these boots to be wear-resistant while the rubberized mudguard offers maximum protection and durability.

The design and comfort allow an individual to fit in perfectly without facing any problems while walking on different terrains.

What we love most about the tracker is the extra padding that helps to protect the ankle from experiencing injuries during the hikes.

Let me explain.

The lace hooks are strong and this helps to tighten up the boots perfectly. The comfort can make an individual walk for over ten miles without any problem.

But that’s not all.

The leather material used to design the tracker tends to be waterproof. This is one thing that makes the boots to be quite popular during winter and hiking in wet regions.

However, you will be required to purchase leather softening products for the boots to help them become flexible and comfortable.

The most wonderful thing about the tracker is the soft ground sole which tends to be ideal for wet and muddy terrains.

Sometimes the sole tends to feel stiff during the initial stages but with time it softens up for easy and comfortable usage.

One thing with these trackers is that they tend to be super heavy but this varies according to the gender. Men Trackers are known to be heavier than those of women.

The boots have an amazing space that enables an individual to put socks. The socks help to generate extra warmth and make the toe box feel snugger.

The thermal insole of the trackers helps to keep out the chills. This helps to keep your feet warm when hiking in cold terrains.

The main drawback of this barefoot tracker is the thin and flexible sole. It makes your feet feel chunks of ice in cold weather. The issue makes many people stick to traditional footwear.

Besides that, the barefoot comes in different sizes and you perfectly choose the right size for your feet. It is recommended not to use the measurements indicated in the insole since it implies the length of the internal shoe.

The Vivo hikers tend to look amazing. But you should note that they are not going to win any fashion award. They are known to be good in snow and quite affordable.

Did I forget to mention the extra padding inside the boot? Well, the barefoot boot is highly padded and this prevents the feet from experiencing any discomfort.

Also, the padding prevents the feet from getting blisters through rubbing and this is the reason why you can walk for long-distance with awesome comfort.

The sole has about 5mm lugs and this makes them be grippy hitting the snow. However, the new barefoot sole tends to be stiff but with more time it becomes soft and flexible.


  • Tend to be quite comfortable overall.
  • Come in different sizes
  • Thermal insole keep the feet warm
  • Has adequate toe space
  • Ideal for wet and muddy terrains
  • Vivo leather makes them durable.


  • Relatively expensive
  • Slightly waterproof
  • Not suitable for hard trail hiking

Have you read about the vivobarefoot Ababa? They are a lightweight casual shoe with some interesting artwork. There is a story behind it all.

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