Vivobarefoot Ultra II Water Sports Shoes Review

Vivobarefoot Ultra ii

From our previous post, you will know that we are big fans of Vivo as a company, and of the shoes, they make as well as what they stand for. As far I am concerned these are a very unique pair, as I am yet to own another one like them. They are made to allow free flow of water in and out of them and dry quickly.

They are very easy to put on and to remove, which is always a great feature for shoes. No one has the time to be wrestling with a shoe to come off. A good description of them is that they offer the freedom of croc and the resistance and resilience of regular shoes. If you like crocs, but want something that is stronger and of better design, these are the shoes for you.

When compared to crocs, they are also less cumbersome. Their soles offer more than crocs would as well. There is truth to that saying, you get what you pay for. Rather invest in a decent pair of shoes.

Hopefully, you will already know that they are not made for cold days. The openness of the design means that there is a free flow of the elements.

Key Features: Vivobarefoot Ultra ii

  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Closure: Bungee
  • Shoe Width: B(M) for women
  • Natural movement outsole
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Sole: Manmade
  • Closure: Bungee
  • Shoe Width: D(M) for men
  • Natural last shape

The soles of the vivobarefoot ultra ii shrink to about 3mm, when in use. They come with a very tough insole that will protect you from things that you step on.

Best Bits

  • The lacing system allows you to put them as tight or as loose as you would like to your foot.
  • Quick Drying.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Stylish look to the design as well.
  • They fit very well. Made to fit.
  • Very flexible. Would be great for a walk.

What could be better

  • The insole tends to become unstuck from the bottom of the shoe over time. I am sure with some glue, you can mend them yourself and restore your shoe to its original state.
  • The traction boxes underneath the shoe may also come off. This is expected, with a minimal approach.
  • Drainage has to be done manually, as water would collect within the shoe if left to their own way.

In my opinion, they are more suitable for indoor day to day use. When used outdoors, I think they are great for walking on regular surfaces, but would not say they would be ideal for uneven trekking. They offer that zero drop, minimalist approach that returns you to the natural state of your feet.

When all is said and done, these would probably be a great pair for running on a treadmill, or doing a workout in. They have that serenity about them, which would allow you to focus on the actual training without concerning yourself with the weight of a pair of shoes.

They have since revisited this shoe and created the vivobarefoot ultra 3, which we will be reviewing soon.

Use the link above to grab yourself a pair. I would love to hear what your experience with these is after you have had them for a few weeks. It’s easy to form an opinion on very little information.

Take your time to feel them, and let us know what you think are the best bits of the Vivobarefoot ultra ii, and what could have been improved. Perhaps more importantly, let us know where and how you have been using them, so we can take your review in its context.

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