VivoBarefoot Ultra iii Bloom Review

The environment we live in can take care of itself. Unfortunately, it’s struggling to keep with man’s activities, so it needs our help. VivoBarefoot is the first shoe company to make a shoe entirely of algae. They are the base of the food chain. 

The Ultra bloom 3 is the first shoe that recirculates at least 57 gallons of filtered water back into natural habitats. Using algae to make shoes also stop carbon dioxide from being released into the environment. Whilst algae help aquatic life, too much of it can also kill it. 

Therefore a delicate balance is required. The ultra iii bloom shoes are made from algae taken from freshwater sources at high risk of toxic algal bloom. Using it to make shoes helps tried freshwater of the algae. This outdoor shoe is versatile, comfortable, and kind of the environment too.


Call me a lover of all things green, but I just fell in love with these from the moment I laid eyes on them. I thought they were gorgeous. Even if you do not know that the shoes are vegan, the subtle hint of the flagship green color does nudge you in the direction of plant-based materials. 

Looking at them, you can tell the shoes are sustainable, and you can walk with them through the water. The design is flawless and porous, with hexagon cut-outs throughout the shoe, meaning you will have no sweat issues. Vivo barefoot markets the shoes as perfect for those with amphibious tendencies. 

In true minimalist fashion, the shoe looks light. It is not bulky, and you will barely see the sole. The upper seems to have “holes” in it, but these are all part of the ingenious design to keep your feet cool and feel like you are not wearing any shoes. They come in electric blue, black/white, algae green, obsidian, and vivid blue, but my favorite is still the algae green.

The ultra iii blooms have bungee laces, but you slip the shoes on and off easily. This makes them easy to use, especially during workouts. It has a closed-toe style that keeps your toes protected as you run and gives the shoes a holistic look.


These shoes are available between a UK size 6 and a UK size 13. Because they are barefoot shoes, it is important to know how your feet respond to them. Granted that Vivo Barefoot makes all their shoes fit true to your regular size, you may need to make still sure that you go try the shoes out.

Some users say that they had to take a size smaller than what they would normally take. If you have never worn barefoot shoes before, they may seem big around the toe box, but that is what barefoot shoes are about. 

If you will go a size smaller, make sure that they are not tight around your heel. Remember that you can adjust your laces as well after you have slipped the shoes on. One of the reasons you may need to go a size smaller on these shoes is to wear them with no socks on. 


The ultra iii bloom is made of bloom foam which is an algae-based alternative to synthetic materials. They are very lightweight, and it feels like you are not wearing any shoes. Which is the very essence of wearing barefoot shoes? 

They also have a very flexible and thin sole, which gives you the feeling of walking barefoot. The rubber outsole will protect your feet and, at the same time, allow your feet to feel the terrain. The dual function and flexibility stay true to the very nature of Vivobarefoot shoes. 

There is no need to break these shoes in, and they are ready to roll the moment you put them on. This is great, especially if you do not have the time. The comfort of these shoes is amazing, and some say it feels like walking on air. Your feet will also feel very secure in these shoes, and this allows you to climb and hike without a care in the world. 

You know the shoes will stay on your feet. And because they are flexible, they move in the same way that your feet move. These shoes have a way of feeling like a second skin. The bloom foam is also very supple, and this adds to the comfort level. 


These shoes fair very well in wet conditions. This is because the material they are made of, bloom foam, is waterproof. You can run through water and smoothly transition to running on dry land again.

The sole is typical of Vivobarefoot, as it has great traction and amazing strength. It is also a puncture-resistant sole, which allows you to blaze even the most torrid terrain and step on whatever, without worrying that what’s on the trail will pierce through the thin sole. 


These shoes are affordable. Especially when you look at the fact that you are getting a great shoe on both land and water, depending on where you buy them, you can get these shoes at around $80. This is a steal for a minimalist shoe that has the dual purpose of land and water.


This shoe is a step up from the ultra ii. It is also one of the best minimalist trail running shoes on the market. Here’s the thing, the Vivo barefoot ultra iii bloom is practical and functional. It will get you where you need to go and in style too. It has the looks and feels great on your feet. 

If you are a triathlete, then you do not have time to be changing your shoes. These shoes fare well whether you are cycling, swimming, or running. They come in great colors, and you are sure to find your favorite one amongst those.

And they fold up easily so you can pack them in the smallest of spaces. The great features combined make for a great minimalist shoe that you will not just wear but also experience! 

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