Vivobarefoot Wyn School Shoes: How Good Are they

Your child’s school shoes are probably the most important pair they are going to wear in their childhood. They spend a large part of their days at school and so it is only logical that you make sure they are in the best shoes for their health and also the look. 

Vivobarefoot wyn school shoes are an ingenious invention for children to wear to school. They are minimalist shoes that will give your child’s feet the freedom they need to run around and explore but also be very comfortable throughout the day. 

Children will rarely put up with something they do not like for some hidden benefit they don’t understand, so it is important that comfort is apparent and the look is also on point. The wyn school shoe provides these features and even more, meaning both parent and child will be happy with the benefits and results. 


It is important to take extra thought when choosing your child’s school shoes. Firstly, make sure that they are within school regulations. This entails the material used, the design, the closure, the color, and even the drop. 

The way the shoes look can have a far-reaching effect such as bullying from the other children. It is so important to make sure that your child feels confident in the way the shoes look. It can no longer just be about what you say goes, listen to what your child is telling you. 

This will usually be a good clue as to what you need to get him or her. The Vivo barefoot wyn school shoes come in obsidian. This is usually a standard color for many schools, so you should be safe with this choice of shoe. 

There is one strap that goes across the foot, in a hook and loop fashion, and then fastened using velcro. This makes it easy for the child to put the shoes on and off, but also keeps the feet secure. The outer material is leather, and this is usually an acceptable material for school shoes in most schools. 

They have a rounded front which is great for children going about their business. They also have great traction on the sole, and you can see a bit of the sole coming up onto the upper. These shoes are zero-drop which means that they are flat. 

They are also wide, allowing the child’s feet to have the necessary freedom. But the great thing is that they do not look as awkward as some shoes with a wide toe box tend to look. The only thing your child will know is that the shoes are super comfortable. 

This may seem like retro design, but it provides a level of comfort that makes the style quite appealing.


They range from a European size 25 to 39. When it comes to the width, they are wide for children’s feet. If you are not sure what size your child wears in barefoot shoes, you can make use of the fit finder function on the Vivo barefoot site. 

This helps you find the right size for your child. When going to try the shoes on, make sure to also go with the socks that will be worn with the shoes if any. Trying the shoes on without any socks may give you a false fit.


These shoes are minimalist and perfect for children and allowing their feet to develop naturally whilst protecting them. The wild hide leather they are made of is very soft. This makes the shoes very comfortable to walk and run in. 

Most traditional school shoes have a stiff sole, and this restricts the child’s movements greatly. A stiff sole can also cause foot problems in the long run for the child. This is why a soft, flexible sole, such as the one on the Vivobarefoot wyn school shoes, is important. 

The sole is very thin, which means that the child can feel the ground more and hence have increased stability and balance. This is more than if they were wearing a pair of shoes that had a stiff sole. 

The extra traction on the shoes will also help your child feel more secure in the shoes. Allowing your children to go barefoot is a healthy choice for the development of their feet, and the ultra-thin soles make sure that this is a reality. 


The sole is made of puncture-resistant material that is at least five times more durable than soles of the same thickness. The wild hide that makes the shoes upper is also very durable and will last your child through their school days. 

Children can be very hard on shoes because their activities are rigorous, and so it is important to make sure that the shoes are strong enough. 


You can get these school shoes for as little as 42pounds. This is a very fair price, for a durable shoe that will grow with your child, and be part of amazing adventures.

They are more expensive than other shoes on the market within the same range, however, these shoes offer much-needed features that come short on the other brands. 


  • They are comfortable
  • They are spacious
  • They are durable
  • They are easy to wear


  • The velcro fastening can lose grip after some time 


The school shoes that you get for your child, are an important decision to make. Vivo barefoot wyn school shoes, give your child the much needed barefoot experience, with all the protection their feet need. 

The high-quality materials the shoes are made of, enhance the quality of the shoes as well as the level of comfort. The leather is soft and this helps the child foot to sit comfortably in the shoes. Stiff, regular shoes, tend to squeeze the child’s foot and hence mold it to an unnatural shape. 

The Wyn school shoes have a wide toe box, which encourages natural foot movement. If you care about your child’s foot health and also their foot freedom, then consider getting barefoot shoes like these. In our opinion, this is a good buy.  Happy shopping!

If these are not quite what you are looking for. We have written about the rest of the vivobarefoot shoes kids range.

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