5 Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet and Overpronation

Are you looking for the best shoes for flat feet and overpronation? It can get quite overwhelming to look for the perfect shoes. Regardless of having special foot needs or not. Throw in special needs, and the task can seem like a heavy burden. The relief of finding the right one is just as fulfilling as the task may seem daunting. 

Your feet carry you everywhere you go. Keeping them happy is doing yourself a favor. If your feet hurt, there is not much negotiating that you can do but to get off them. But sometimes this is a major inconvenience because you want to get to where you are going. Doing it pain-free would be nice. 

Photo NameWhat We like 
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Running ShoeThere are several colours to choose from.
The shoes provide you with great cushioning.
Gives you good arch support.

ASICS GEL-Venture 5 Running ShoeThere is ample room in the toe box.
These shoes are quite comfortable.
There are several colours and designs to choose from.

Saucony VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running ShoeThere are various colours and designs to choose from.
They provide good arch support.
They are fairly roomy.

PUMA Tazon 6 WN's FM Cross-Trainer ShoeThere are various colours to choose from.
The shoes are highly breathable.
They have great traction from the rubber soles.

Orthofeet Proven Foot and Heel Pain ReliefThey are famed for providing great arch support.
They are highly breathable.
They run reasonably wide.

Several conditions prohibit ease of walking. Some are uncomfortable whilst others are painful. The severity depends on several different factors and also whether you will seek some treatment or not. Most foot conditions are mild and, at best, mildly irritating. However, they govern the type of shoes that will make walking much more comfortable and easier. 

Different types of shoes are made to deal with these conditions. Special features such as special cushioning or arch support or ankle support can make a world of difference. You will find various shoes, and unless you know the exact symptoms you are trying to relieve, it can be difficult to find the right pair. In this article, we take a look at the best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation. These options can provide relief for people with these conditions.

In a Hurry

Do you need a quick guide to buying the best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation? There are a few things that you will need to consider before you go out on the town. You will need to get comfortable shoes that provide stability and give enough support for low or no arches. This will help prevent any sores or damage to the arch as you strike the ground. You want to make sure the shoes that you choose offer the support that your feet need. 

Check on the cushioning and make sure that it is enough for your feet. Make sure the shoes fit well. Try them on, and be sure. Also, check on the shoe’s shock-absorbing qualities to ensure that the impact of striking the ground is felt by the shoe mostly and by the foot that has the condition. The shoe’s design and shape have a lot to do with the overall comfort of the shoe and what it can do for you.

Our Top Pick

We have done our research and found the best walking shoes on the market today. Our favorite pick is the Saucony VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running Shoe. It has supportive upper overlays and a durable rubber sole. The Versa foam cushioning technology makes walking in these sneakers feel like you are walking on air. It is also made of a mixture of textile and synthetic fabric.  We found this to be our top pick because of the comfort you get when you step into a pair. 

Product Reviews for Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet and Overpronation

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe 

Let’s start by mentioning that space restrictions to the common with most shoes are a thing of the past with this one. It is available in a variety of weights. These include medium width, wide width, narrow width, and extra-wide width. Another key feature that should not go without mention is foot support. The shoes are capable of providing you with great support. This is courtesy of the guide rail support system by Brooks. According to Brooks, this system goes beyond the foot and caters to the body’s most injury-prone parts.

This Guiderail system is also responsible for making these shoes slightly more comfortable than they would have otherwise been. They reduce excess movement within the shoe, which keeps your foot more comfortable. Cushioning was not ignored either. The shoes have soft and protective features. The cushioning is not excessive, which is always worth avoiding where possible. They are designed to be capable of taking on your day-to-day life on your feet.

The two key technologies responsible for giving you this great cushioning are the BioMoGo DNA and the DNA loft cushioning. These are combined to give you a more precise cushioning for the underfoot while maintaining responsiveness and durability. To top it all up, these shoes are also designed to be durable. You can probably tell from the material used to make the upper part also quite breathable.


  • They are very comfortable shoes.
  • There are several colours to choose from.
  • The shoes provide you with great cushioning.
  • Gives you good arch support.
  • Suitable for all sorts of foot widths.
  • They have great traction


  • The front may be too curvy for some users.
  • Not ideal for sprinting in.


ASICS GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe 

As we often do with shoes from this brand, we approach this one with high expectations. To save you the expense of suspense, we will say that these are great shoes right off the bat. They are made out of synthetic material on the upper part. This guarantees that your feet will be afforded a liberal amount of air. 

This breathability does not come at the expense of the support that your feet should have. There is support all around the foot. The soles of these shoes are made out of rubber. They do a great job of providing you with underfoot cushioning. 

The shaft on the shoes measures a low top from the arches. You may already know from the look of the shoes that they are ideal for running. I can also imagine that the name would’ve given that away as a fact. If you are concerned about the aesthetic side of things they are 10 different colors and designs, you can choose from. Surely, they ought to be one of them that tickles your fancy?

GEL cushioning is used to enhance the underfoot protection and give you comfort for long periods while you’re on your feet. The manufacturers also included I removable sockliner that leaves enough room for orthotics. These shoes are true or specific to the outdoors. This is always great for providing you with multisurface traction. The rubber used on the soles is capable of taking high abrasion.


  • There is ample room in the toe box.
  • These shoes are quite comfortable.
  • There are several colours and designs to choose from.
  • Comes with a removable sockliner.
  • They are fairly lightweight.
  • They usually run true to size.
  • They offer good heel and arch support.


  • Don’t perform as well on wet surfaces.
  • Some runner may prefer more cushioned shoes.


Saucony VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 Road Running Shoe 

This is a shoe from a brand that we have great admiration for. You probably don’t need to tell that it is quite aesthetically pleasing. If the one shown in the image is not quite to your taste, you’ll be happy to know that they are 14 other options that you can choose yours from. They feature different colors and designs. 

What are you looking for? Something subtle or a little more expressive? There is something for you. The top part of the shoes is made out of a mixture of textile and synthetic material. There is some emphasis on providing you with breathability without completely doing away with support.

To maintain this support, the shoes have grit salt patches around the synthetic material. The shaft of these shoes measures a low top from the arches. The manufacturers made use of VersaFoam cushioning technology. They’ve also used what they call green technology and provide you with photos that are designed to be durable. The overlays on the upper part of the shoes are designed to provide you with the support we previously mentioned.

These innovations that we have described are backed by the manufacturer’s years of biomechanics study conducted on top athletes. Not only are the shoes capable of providing great performance at a high level, but they are also capable of relieving you from pain. The souls are designed to be stable and give you a good amount of cushioning simultaneously.


  • There are various colours and designs to choose from.
  • They provide good arch support.
  • They are fairly roomy.
  • There is great underfoot cushioning.
  • Suitable for those with wide feet.


  • Quality control could be much better.


PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe 

Before you judge our taste in shoes, I should probably come off the bat and mention that these are not quite to my taste aesthetically. Having said that, if I were to receive them as a present, I would not have objected. From a performance standpoint, let’s look at their features. The upper part of the shoes is made out of synthetic leather. 

It sits on rubber soles. The soles of these shoes measure approximately the lower top from the arch. Based on the material used to make the upper part of the shoes, it goes without saying that they are highly breathable. In line with this theme of breathability, these shoes have made use of the EcoOrtholite sockliner to deliver a more compact fit and comfort.

To deliver great stability, these shoes make use of the TPU shank. As the name would have suggested, the shoes are designed to perform well at a high level and be used by those who are doing cross-training. This usually a great indicator of durability and a steady shoe. The build would mean that you are less likely to aggravate an injury or run into one. 

Shoes are most commonly available in black and pink or pink and white. Both of these colors are reasonably subtle. They don’t quite stick out like a sore thumb.


  • There are various colours to choose from.
  • The shoes are highly breathable.
  • They have great traction from the rubber soles.
  • They run true to size.
  • They provide great arch support.
  • They are very comfortable.


  • The width isn’t quite as wide.
  • The tongue is narrow.


Orthofeet Proven Foot and Heel Pain Relief

If you’re after a shoe that has a greater degree of emphasis on dealing with foot pain, then you cannot go wrong with this one. To back up their products, the manufacturer provides a 60 day period in which you can try the shoes. If you’re not satisfied within those 60 days, you have the option to return the shoes for a full refund. If that is not a move to make you confident in making this purchase, we don’t know what is.

One of those things that you will notice about the shoes is that they have an ergonomic sole that enhances cushioning. This sole is then paired with premium orthotic insoles. These insoles are designed to deliver anatomic arch support and have multiple layers of cushioning. 

These features work together to increase the amount of comfort on your feet and are any pain in the heel and foot region. This also greatly impacts reducing the amount of stress put on your knees, hips, and lower back pain, which is generally associated with flat feet and overpronation.

The material used to make the shoes is quite stretchy. This leaves you with a lot of room within the shoe. It is also great for providing you with breathability. You also have the option to replace the insoles with orthotics if you would like to.


  • They are famed for providing great arch support.
  • They are highly breathable.
  • They run reasonably wide.
  • They offer good heel support.
  • They are quite comfortable.
  • The underfoot cushioning is a godsend.


  • May be too wide for some users.


Buyer’s Guide

Is Overpronation the same as flat feet?

How a person’s foot strikes, the ground could have significant effects on the body. Overpronate people are more likely to injure themselves as they walk, especially if they are not in the right shoes. Overpronation occurs when the arch of the foot collapses considerably downward or inward. Most people call this condition flat feet. However, there is a difference. Flat foot typically refers to the non-moving shape of the arch. 

Overpronation refers to the movement of the foot. Pronation is the inward roll of the foot and lower of the arch when weight is put on the foot. Almost everyone pronates to some degree when they walk or run. Pronation is part of the body’s shock absorption system.

The “over” part means that the foot is pronating more than normal.

What type of injuries are caused by flat feet?

Certain injuries are more likely to occur when you have flat feet or overpronation. This occurs because the body’s natural alignment would have been disrupted, leaving the foot striking the ground with increased impact. Injuries that often arise from overpronation include shin splints, bunions, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome, which is the inflammation of a ligament on the outside of the knee, chronic lower back pain, stress fractures in the foot or lower leg, and Achilles tendonitis. 

What causes flat feet?

When all babies are born, it looks like they have flat feet. This is because their arches are yet to develop. In cases where the flat feet persist even well after the child’s feet are formed, then you may need to start looking at ways to provide relief. Fallen arches or collapsed arches can be quite painful.

Some conditions can escalate the chances of a person developing flat feet. These include pregnancy, being overweight or obese, and taking part in any activity, like running, that involves repeatedly striking the foot on a hard surface for an extended period. You may not need to see a doctor to know that you have flat feet. 

How do you treat overpronation?

If you have overpronation, you must pick your shoes with the utmost care. Walking involves you striking the ground repeatedly, and if you have weakened arches, you will need to make sure that you have enough cushioning and the right amount of support.

Make sure the shoes that you get offer you extra stability. You can help relieve pain in your feet due to overpronation by choosing the right shoes. Make sure that you get the right fit, and you can assure this by getting measured professionally. Ill-fitting shoes can exacerbate pain in the foot. Make sure to find shoes with extra arch support.


If you have flat feet and are experiencing pain when you walk, there are ways of combatting that, and they also include the shoes you wear. The pain you feel thanks to flat feet, or overpronation is mainly caused by your body being thrown out of wack and misaligning.

Your feet bear the brunt, and several other injuries can result. Some shoes can help relieve this pain, and these are the top picks that we have reviewed. We hope this helps you find your perfect pair and affords you pain-free walks. Happy shopping!

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