5 Top Waterproof Barefoot Shoes

Are you looking for the best waterproof barefoot shoes? The barefoot trend has gone on an upward trend as more and more people are realizing the benefits of walking barefoot. There is a reason why people walked barefoot for the longest time.

Protecting the feet was the reason why people began wearing shoes, and even then, there was not much material between the feet and the ground.

Walking barefoot offers a grasp of the ground that is unparalleled. You are able to be free and feel the ground, getting necessary sensory information that is then used to help you react appropriately.

Photo NameWhat We like 
Vivobarefoot Tracker FG Leather Walking Shoe They keep your feet dry.
They provide great traction on various terrain.
They have a wide toe box.

Be Lenka All-year - Icon - BlackThey are available in various colours.
They come with a 2-year warranty cover.
The toe box is wide and foot-shaped

Vivobarefoot Scott 2.0 Leather They are well insulated.
The soles are puncture resistant.
They come with a thermal insole.

Be Lenka Winter Black
Be Lenka Winter - BlackThe soles are very flexible.
The shoes are quite minimalist.
They are zero drop shoes.

Be Lenka Winter Long - BlackThe inside is well insulated.
They are easier to remove than they look.
They are handmade.

Barefoot shoes have become all the rage because of how well they replicate the experience of walking barefoot. The benefits of walking barefoot are often nullified by shoes with thick soles.

Barefoot shoes have different features that make them unique and perfect for what you intend to use them for.

That is why it is important to know what you intend to use the shoes for so that you can shop for the appropriate features. 

For example, if you will be walking through wet areas or in wet weather, then a waterproof shoe is a good bet.

You can find shoes on the market that can help keep moisture out and keep your feet dry as you go about your business.

In this article, we take a look at the various barefoot shoes that are also waterproof. What counts in such shoes and what should you be on the lookout for.

Some shoe manufacturers have done a good job of incorporating this feature and these are the top picks we take a look at. 

In a Hurry

Do you need a quick guide to buying the best waterproof barefoot shoes? There are a few factors that you will need to keep in mind and take into consideration when you go shopping. Take time to read the label and see if it is waterproof.

This will usually be explained in the bit that talks about the materials used. If it is not spelled out, then you may want to find out what type of material exactly has been used.

Just like with all shoes, make sure that the size and fit are for you. You do not want to be wearing shoes that are too big.

Also, check on the gait and ensure that water and moisture do not have a way to get into the shoes over the top. This is especially useful in shoes worn when hiking. This also means that it is important to know what you will be using the shoes for, which will help you decide to what extent the shoes need to be waterproof.

This will also determine how flexible you need the shoes to be. Also, check on the toe box and make sure that it is wide enough to allow the free movement of your toes.

Toe splaying is one of the characteristics of walking barefoot, and so any shoe that purports to be barefoot should have this feature.

Our Top Pick

Be Lenka Winter Long

We have done our research and found our top pick to be the Be Lenka Winter Long – Black. These shoes are both stylish and functional. They are made especially for the winter, and they are made of high-quality leather which is water-resistant.

The sole is very flexible and they are lined with merino wool. The protective membrane in the shoes helps to keep your feet warm and dry as well. It also makes for a very comfortable shoe that you can spend the entire day in. 

Our Product Reviews of Waterproof Barefoot Shoes

Vivobarefoot Tracker FG Leather Walking Shoe 

Vivobarefoot Tracker FG Leather Walking Shoe

When you think of hiking boots the tracker is what you probably envision. This is perhaps the reason why it is not much of an adjustment when considering that this is a barefoot shoe. This is the shoe that is designed to take on wild and rough terrain.

That is courtesy of the firm ground sole. You will also be pleased to find that these shoes are fairly minimalist. They do not add any substantial weight to you as you get up and about.

This, of course, is something that comes in handy when you are walking for long distances or spending a substantial amount of time on your feet.

These shoes have a waterproof lining and thermal protection. When it is incredibly cold you would derive incredible Advantages from the 3.5MM thick insole.

This is an insole that is designed for thermal regulation technology. It is said to provide you with 3 times the thermal protection that you would get from a regular insole. 

All around these shoes is a 360 waterproof and breathable membrane. This, of course, is an incredible feat to achieve to maintain breathability while waterproofing.

For those who want to spend time outdoors, you also be happy to find that the All soles are well endowed with high abrasion and firm ground low profile multidirectional lugs.

These provide you with extra traction and durability. These shoes can take on moderately wet trains as well as dry and rocky surfaces.

As with other top-quality boots you will also be happy to find that the lacing is perfect. These shoes are very flexible. You can get them in dark brown and cement colours.


  • They keep your feet dry.
  • They provide great traction on various terrain.
  • They have a wide toe box.
  • They are barefoot shoes.
  • They are quite warm.
  • They are fairly durable.
  • They are lightweight.


  • They often run small.
  • Some users found them too narrow.


Be Lenka All-year – Icon – Black

These are some of the best looking barefoot shoes that we have come across. They’re incredibly elegant on both the inside and the outside of the shoes.

The manufacturer describes them as use that combines comfort and style. These shoes are made out of leather.

They come with a zero heel elevation or zero drop shoes. There is also a zero-toe spring on the shoes.

Another thing that we like about these shoes is the fact that they have a wide foot-shaped toe box. The upper parts of these shoes are made out of leather. This is where the waterproofing comes from. 

As you would expect with the barefoot shoes, you’ll find that these shoes are both thin and flexible on the soles. As the name would have given out, the shoes are made from high-grade leather.

They are designed to work all year round. As with the width of the front end of these shoes, there is extra comfort which is unrestricted and there is a natural movement of the toes in that region.

We also liked the fact that these shoes come with 2 pairs of laces. One is red and one is black. The one that you use will obviously depend on your personal preferences or the settings in which you’ll be wearing the shoes.

The shoes are all handmade in the Czech Republic. They are of premium quality. There is also a 2-year warranty for these shoes.


  • They are available in various colours.
  • They come with a 2-year warranty cover.
  • The toe box is wide and foot-shaped
  • They are handmade.
  • You get an extra set of shoelaces.


  • The brand is not well known.


Vivobarefoot Scott 2.0 Leather 

When you combine weathertight canvas with some camel ever you’re guaranteed to have a very waterproof material. This has been the case for this particular product. Not only does it embody the breathability that we associate with canvas.

It also delivers weatherproof qualities that we all love about leather. As with other vivobarefoot shoes, this one is also flexible.

This is to the extent that you can roll it up into a ball and stretch it back up to its original shape without causing any damage to it. The Scott 2.0 comes with a lace-up closure system that is reinforced with metal eyelets. 

The upper part of the shoe is made out of canvas which is known to be incredibly durable as well as perfect for all year round use. The call of the product is padded.

In fact, they have used calfskin to enhance their comfort. The tools are made more comfortable by the presence of microfiber lining. 

Now onto the out store, this shoe has sticky rubber hex flex outsoles. They are non-marking outsoles that are 5 times puncture resistance in comparison to regular outsource.

To make sure that this you can take on cold weather it comes with a 3.5MM thick insole that is designed to provide you with thermal regulation.

According to the manufacturer it provides you 3 times the thermal protection that you would get from a regular insole.


  • They are well insulated.
  • The soles are puncture resistant.
  • They come with a thermal insole.
  • The lacing system has metal eyelets.
  • They are highly breathable.
  • The design is fairly stylish.


  • They are on the higher end of our pricing scale.


Be Lenka Winter – Black

A big part of waterproofing or shoes is ensuring that they are also just as good when the temperature drops.

That is why we are thrilled to introduce you to this high-quality product that is designed to take on the harsh weather.

For the sake of want, this shoe has merino wool lining that has a protective membrane to keep your feet dry and warm and more importantly very comfortable.

As we’ve already mentioned the upper part of the issues is made out of leather. 

As the image would have already shown you these shoes are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. They deliver a style that has long been missing in the barefoot market.

They are ideal for taking on cold weather. The leather that is used to manufacture the shoes is largely water-resistant.

It works to stop the formation of water splashes on the shoe. What it does is as soon as water hits the surface of the shoe it slides right off.

As a result, there is less and less water that actually makes its way into the shoe.

These shoes are zero drops. They come with a wide shaped toe box. The soles of the shoes are incredibly flexible and thin. This is of course what you would expect from a zero drop shoe.

They keep you in contact with the ground that you are trading on while providing you with sufficient underfoot protection.

You will also be pleased to find that these shoes are entirely handmade. This is obviously a great indicator of quality control. 


  • The soles are very flexible.
  • The shoes are quite minimalist.
  • They are zero drop shoes.
  • They have great underfoot protection.
  • They are hand made.
  • They are very warm.
  • They come with 2-years warranty cover.


  • Relatively unknown brand.


Be Lenka Winter Long – Black

Perhaps you’re looking for something that provides you with more coverage? This is where the Be Lenka winterlong comes in handy.

This is a knee-high boot that is made out of leather. As with the other shoes from this brand the lining of the shoe is made out of merino wool.

It also has a protective membrane that keeps your feet dry and warm. This is also responsible for ensuring that your feet are just as comfortable. As you’d expect from leather these shoes are largely waterproof.

You probably don’t need telling as the image would have already shown you that these shoes are fairly stylish.

They are designed to take on hush weather. Whether it’s the rain or winter that you’re taking on, these shoes are the ideal companion.

To keep your feet dry, the leather is designed in such a way that it stops the formation of water splashes on the surface of the shoe. Instead of the water building up on the shoe surface, it simply slides off.

Another great feature is the fact that these shoes have a wide toe box. As a result of this wide toe box, your feet are able to move with no restriction.

This is especially handy when you have these shoes on for long parts of your day.

The idea behind the whole design is that you would feel as if you were not wearing any shoes at all.

For Peace of Mind when trying out this new brand you can find comfort in the fact that it comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. You will also be pleased to know that these shoes are handmade.


  • The inside is well insulated.
  • They are easier to remove than they look.
  • They are handmade.
  • The toe box is fairly wide.
  • They come with a 2-year warranty cover.


  • No repair centre in the US.


Buyer’s Guide

Can I waterproof my shoes myself?

If you wind up buying shoes that are not waterproof, but you still need this feature, there are ways around it. You can waterproof your shoes.

Wet weather has a way of making you rethink your choice in shoes. No matter how cute they look, if they can not keep your feet dry, chances are high that you will be more than frustrated when you try to go about your business. You can waterproof your shoes using several different ways. 

You can use shoe wax that is compatible with your shoes and keeps the water out. Some use colorless candle wax or beeswax to keep the water out.

You can also use store-bought waterproofing spray. Before applying whatever wax you choose to use, make sure that the shoes are clean.

Then after you have applied the wax, make sure that there is no excess. Regardless of the method that you choose, make sure that you test it first on an inconspicuous part of the shoe because some can damage the finish. 

When do I need waterproof shoes?

Waterproof shoes have their space and place where they are appreciated. If you typically go out only in the summer months, then it means that there is not much need for waterproof shoes.

Unlike if you go out in the wet months, for extended periods. This is when you will need to have waterproof shoes. 

Are barefoot shoes good for gout? 

To minimize pain for someone with gout, it is important to keep their feet bare for as long as possible. However, this is not always possible as the feet need to be protected.

In light of this, barefoot shoes are the next best bet. They do not restrict your foot in any way and this serves as a big relief for any joint pain caused by gout.

Your toes can splay in a barefoot shoe and your feet get the protection and cushioning they need.


Barefoot shoes are great in allowing you to experience the science of the foot and the beauty of walking. Coming up with shoes that mimic this experience is a necessary process for the good health of your feet.

Nobody likes to get their feet wet whilst they are in shoes and so finding waterproof barefoot shoes, is a big advantage. We certainly hope that our top picks help you find your perfect fit. Happy shopping!

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