What running shoes do ultra runners use?

Let’s get started with understanding ultra-running. Technically, ultrarunning is any run that is more than the standard marathon distance of 42 km. There’s no limit to how long an ultra-run should be. Most ultras do not take the road. 

Instead, they use the trails, which require a pair of ultra trail running shoes. Ultra runners do not mind about the time, running the entire thing or competing with others; instead, they do it to enjoy the experience, learn, and compete against the landscape.

Ultra runners do wear a certain kind of running shoes. The shoes should offer stability, comfort, and endurance features for durability. Some of the best running shoes for ultra running include 

  • Brooks Ghost 11

It is one of the best running shoes that can take very long endurance races or marathons. There are a lot of things that runners can benefit from. 

The performance they offer is in tandem with the value you get for your money. Neutral runners and under pronators can gain comfort from the extra cushioning and durability. It comes with a removable insole that you can remove if the old one wears out. 

  • Saucony Peregrine 8 

The Saucony Peregrine 8 can take many kinds of trails. The design suits rugged trail running, and you do not have to worry about stabilizing and protecting your feet. It has a sticky rubber sole with an excellent level of traction that makes it versatile. The structure board, midsole cushioning, and heel pad comfort the feet. 

  • Hoka One One Clayton 

Hoka One One Clayton is a big deal when balancing weight and support. It is lightweight and has the best cushioning for ultra distance. It comes with a softer heel and former front for better propulsion to add comfort. Because of the mixture of synthetic and mesh materials on the exterior, Hoka One One Clayton is durable. 

  • Scott Supertrac RC Ultra

If you are thinking about climbing the hills, this shoe is superb. It is so lightweight and comfortable for ruggedness, races, and distance. It comes with AeroFoam cushioning and an RC insole for extra padding. Moreover, the shoe is breathable with a Schoeller Dynamic upper fabric that is water-resistant. 

  • Asics Gel venture 5 

It has a gel-based sole that adds comfort. Runners can travel on any terrain, and the high abrasion rubber means that the shoe can take rough surfaces. The pair is available in both male and female sizes.

What do ultra runners wear? 

Gearing up for your first ultramarathon, you need specific clothing. Most races require a short-sleeve shirt, and many ultra runners benefit from that. The shirt is usually any material that is not cotton. Cotton will not help prevent chafing or moisture. 

At most, Ultrarunners bring weatherproof jackets and headlamps tucked into the pack, not forgetting water.

Ultrarunners also wear shoes that offer the best mix of performance. Shoes that provide comfort, cushioning, and lugged traction are the best. 

Socks are a prerequisite and will keep your feet warm, especially in cold weather. Smartwool or merino wool socks are the best. They wick moisture away as well as prevent blisters. Even during hot areas, wearing merino wool socks will help keep your feet cool and dry. Other ultra runners wear compression socks. 

Adding to the gear is a cap or hat. Ultra runners love to keep hair and sweat out of their faces or eyes. A cap is ideal as it can also help prevent sunburn from your face. 

A GPS watch is also great. It helps most runners to keep an eye on their pace and the distance you have left. It is essential to see how far you have gone for pacing and morale.

What shoes should I wear for the ultramarathon? 

Ultramarathon shoes are an essential tool when you think of an ultra marathon. When you think of ultrarunning, rugged terrain, varied weather, etc., you cannot just pick any shoe without testing it if it’s capable of taking an ultramarathon. There’s a need for a shoe that can endure all the terrains, the weather, and the long-distance. You require specific running footwear that can carry you without facing foot problems or injuries.

Before choosing any shoe for your ultra marathon, consider the distance, the type of environment, the time, and any potential weather conditions. The purpose is to make sure you get a shoe with the right sole and material, a shoe that can work well in mud, rocks, and sandstone bluffs.

  • Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 

The pair works well in both trail and ultra community with its well-cushioned material and lightweight. It has a Vibram sole with excellent grip and stability that works well on the tracks. 

  • Salomon S Lab Ultra 2 

It is one of the best Salomon trail running shoes. The shoe is so durable and works well in every terrain. It has a midsole made of polyurethane foam and an outsole made of Premium Wet Traction Contagrip, combined for great trailing.

  • Saucony Peregrine 10 

The pair is suitable for varied and uneven terrain as well as climbing. The shoe is well cushioned and best for rocky terrain. Its sole has a rock plate that is suitable for stone surfaces. Many people report that the show is responsive and flexible. 

  • Salomon Sense Ride 2 

If you want to start the ultra-marathon journey, this is the perfect shoe to begin with. The outsole named the Contagrip MA, composed of varying compounds, offers durability. When it comes to providing comfort and absorbing shock, this shoe is a perfect choice. 

  • Asics Gel- Fujitrabuco 8

Asics designed this shoe specifically for rocky terrains and stony surfaces. Its comfort and durability are out of this world, and the sole has excellent traction and grip, perfect for muddy conditions. I appreciate this shoe because the reflectors are great for running and racing at night.

Best Long distance running shoes

If you plan to take a long-distance run, you need a durable, comfortable shoe. Since you will be spending a lot of time in those shoes, you require shoes that will give you proper cushioning and foot protection. Some of the best long-distance running shoes include 

  • Asics Gel-Nimbus Lite 2
  • Hoka Mach 4
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 25
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38
  • New Balance Fresh Foam 880 v11

Shoes worn by runners running a steep, gnarly speed goat 50k 

Speedgoat runners require shoes that work well and hold up in varying conditions. Let’s get started with the type of shoe worn by the Speedgoat runners.

  • Hoka One One Huaka 

The Huaka is one of the Hoka shoes with a low heel-to-toe drop of 2mm. It is very lightweight with a midsole made of RMAT(a blend of rubber and EVA Hoka). The midsole is so firm and responsive. 

  • Salomon S-Lab 

The pair is one of the best athletes’ choices. It comes with the best comfort and cushioning, making it ideal for speed goat running. 

  • New Balance MT110 

The New Balance MT110 features extra cushioning levels and an excellent in-between the lug height that is ideal for fire roads and the steeper and off-trail segments found on the speedgoat course. The shoe is enough to protect your feet with a 4mm heel-to-toe drop that ensures natural running form.

  • Montrail Bajada 

Montrail offers this lightweight, protective shoe with lots of traction. It has a 10mm heel-to-toe drop but still maintains its flexibility.

  • Hoka Mafate Speed 

Its upper is more breathable and lightweight. It comes with a lot of cushioning and outsole traction. The shoe has a 4 mm heel-to-toe drop, which is ideal for those who love minimalist shoes and want to experience a midfoot strike.

The Flat vs. fat ultra running footwear quandary 

One thing ultra runners must be aware of is foot protection. Their feet endure the brunt of the repetitive pounding of the sport. Many issues can occur during a long race, including blister formation, missing toenails, and soreness. The choice between flat and fat ultra running shoes depends on the runner’s preference. 

Christopher McDougall argues that human beings can run long distances without the help of a shoe. He mentioned this in his book, Born to Run. Additionally, he said that cushioned shoes do not reduce do not prevent injuries and advocates for barefoot running. Flat running shoes have succeeded in staying in the industry, including the famous Vibram Five fingers. 

The advocates mentioned the benefits of flat shoes, saying the feet can expand, and toes are never cramped.

Fat ultra running shoes 

These are max-cushioned shoes. Though max cushioned shoes are sometimes associated with many foot injuries, some runners still love them. The extra cushioning can still protect your feet, providing additional comfort, but the shoes compromise the natural state of the foot and its intended purpose.

What should I bring to a marathon? 

  • Reusable water bottle 

If you get dehydrated when you go on a marathon, you can always fill up your empty bottle with water. 

  • Extra Running clothes 

You may discover that you need extra running clothes during a marathon, and it’s always safe to do so. 

  • Running shoes 

These are essential for foot protection, and you should find the exact marathon running shoes. 

  • Snacks

You can pack some snacks and make the marathon experience enjoyable. 

  • GPS watch and charger 

You will always want to keep track of happening; a GPS watch and charger are a must carry.

What should I wear to the ultramarathon? 

You should wear proper ultra-marathon shoes that provide extra comfort and cushioning for an ultra marathon. 

  • Backpack 

It will help if you carry a backpack for your water bottle, energy gels, and chews. 

  • Socks

Wear socks that wick moisture away, such as the merino socks. 

  • Light down jacket 

The jacket can cover you when the sun disappears. 

  • Windbreaker sports bra and Racing top

The windbreaker will be a necessity to block the wind and cold away.

  • Lubrication 

You require lubrication to prevent friction avoid blisters and chafing

What shoes does Jim Walmsley race in 

Jim Wamsley prefers the Hoka brand. Hoka designs have very excellent cushioning and stability. Specifically, Wamsley wears the Hoka One One design known for its high performance and versatility. The sole can take both trail routes and roads. The Meta rocker sole makes the sole durable. Hoka One One designs athletic shoes. The following are Jim Wamsley’s shoes

  • Hoka One One Speedgoat Evo 
  • Hoka One One Clifton 
  • Hoka One One Challenger 
  • Hoka One One Tracer 
  • Hoka One One Innovation 
  • Hoka One One Rocket X 
  • Hoka One One Bondi
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