Which Hoka style is best for plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition that involves pain near the heel area—finding the best shoe is a huge challenge when you have plantar fasciitis. It requires you to understand your feet and the causes of plantar fasciitis. Hoka styles are a popular pick that helps with plantar fasciitis. While there are a lot of shoes you can choose from, Hoka boots will always be the best in reducing pain and providing stability.

It’s appreciating choosing the Hoka way when you have foot issues. Hoka styles are so trustworthy and unbeatable. They are specifically designed for people with foot conditions, providing comfort and a lot of support. Hoka shoes come in different styles. Below are some of the best kinds you can choose from, especially when you are a plantar fasciitis sufferer

Hoka One- One Clifton 5

Hoka one-one Clifton 5 is one of the best Hoka styles for plantar fasciitis. Adequately it is pampered with extra cushioning that helps ease arch pain. The pair contains a high-quality upper mesh that keeps your foot dry and cool. Moreover, the rubber outsoles help absorb extra shocks while running on rough terrains. Besides being suitable for plantar fasciitis, they also help with heel issues, hammertoes, and bunions.

Provide comfort and support

Perfect cushioning

Absorbs shock

It comes with an upper mesh

Hoka Bondi-5 Women’s running shoe.

The Hoka Bondi 5 is the best choice for comfort and support within a shoe. It is breathable and comes with an upper mesh that helps keep your feet cool and dry.

The exceptional part of Hoka Bondi 5 is that it has an excellent cushioning capability and a soft hug to the arches.


Provides arch support

Ensures breathability

It comes with an EVA midsole and ortholite insoles

It contains extra cushioning capabilities

Hoka one-one Men’s Cavu Running shoe

The Hoka-style shoe is another kind of plantar fasciitis. It provides an excellent fit and comes with a seamless mesh upper that offers breathability. The pair is well crafted with synthetic, mesh textile and quality rubber sole.

Moreover, the shoe comes with moisture-wicking textile linings and collar padding for extra comfort.


It comes with a mesh upper for breathability

It has extra cushioning

It contains moisture-wicking textile linings

It has collar padding that provides extra comfort.

Hoka one-one Men’s challenger ATR 4

If you are looking for a lightweight shoe with good cushioning ideal for plantar fasciitis, then you aren’t lost. Hoka one-one Men’s challenger is one of podiatrists’ most recommended Hoka styles for plantar fasciitis. It comes with a collar and tongue that adds extra comfort and flexibility. It isn’t just good for plantar fasciitis but helps with most foot pains.


They are lightweight with proper cushioning

It comes with built-in comfort and support

Hoka one women’s Clifton 5

If you choose the best Hoka style for plantar fasciitis with balanced cushioning, you shouldn’t forget Hoka One-One women’s Clifton 5 on your list. It comes with a 5mm heel-to-toe drop that helps with heel-to-toe pressure transition.

The synthetic and leather materials provide flexibility and comfort best for plantar fasciitis.

What are Hoka shoes known for?

Hoka shoes are well known for offering smooth rides with oversized midsoles. The favorite part is that they are perfect for walking and running. 

Hoka shoes have a wider toe box that makes them suitable for flat feet and comfort. Hoka footwear provides exceptional protection and cones with foam for shock absorption. 

The Hoka shoes are best known for helping with plantar fasciitis and other ankle or foot pains. You can always rely on the Hoka brand for all your foot problems.

Which Hoka is best for me, high arch and flat feet

While there are a lot of Hoka styles that help with high arches and flat feet, I recommend Hoka One-One. 

Arahi 5.

The shoe has a low 5mm drop, and it is very lightweight, which is good for flat feet.

If you combine its features that are lightweight, low drop, and responsive cushioning, you get the best shoe for high arches and flat feet. It has extra shock absorption facilities and midfoot stability.

Moreover, it comes with Hoka J Frame technology that helps with overpronation issues. It has a breathable upper mesh that will always keep your feet cool and dry.


It comes with an upper mesh for breathability

Lightweight with great grip

Good midfoot stability

5mm low heel to toe drop

What is plantar fasciitis?

When you constantly feel pain on the bottom of your feet, around your heel, and arch, you may be suffering from plantar fasciitis. The fascia supports the arch and muscles of the foot, and overstretching leads to pain and inflammation. The pain usually worsens when you spend a long time on your feet or sitting for too long, and you take a step.

You’re at the risk of plantar fasciitis when you spend a long time standing.

Constantly wear high-heeled shoes.

You have an unusual foot position and tight Achilles tendon or heel cords.

Is Hoka One suitable for plantar fasciitis? 

Plantar fasciitis comes after straining the plantar fascia. It usually occurs when you run on hard surfaces and wear poor cushioning and support shoes. Hoka One comes with a soft and lightweight EVA foam, providing the necessary comfort for plantar fasciitis problems.

What are Hoka’s best sellers / their features?

There are a variety of Hoka shoes to choose from; some of them are top sellers because of their features and purpose. The following are some of the Hoka best sellers.

Men’s Clifton 8

It comes with an asymmetrical cushion that is protective.

It has an extended Achilles pull tab for easy entry.

It comes with an extended heel crash pad that provides a smooth landing.

It contains an ultralight compression-molded EVA midsole that provides soft cushioning.

An upper mesh that offers breathability

It has an Early-stage Meta rocker that offers a smooth ride.

Men’s Bondi 7

Is it the most cushioned shoe in the Hoka shoe lineup? Designed for running, it provides a smooth ride over any distance. It features the following.

Full EVA midsole for proper cushioning engineered with an upper mesh for breathability

It comes with a rubber outsole that minimizes weight and maximizes durability.

Memory foam collar ankle for comfort

It comes with an early-stage meta rocker that offers a smooth ride

Women’s Clifton 8

It is one of the best award-winning Clifton franchises with a soft and light-responsive midsole. It features the following.

Mesh upper for breathability

EVA for cushioning

High-abrasion rubber

Early-stage Meta-Rocker for a smooth ride

Gusseted tongue

Flat waisted geometry

Extended pull tab

All gender Rocket X

It is the most innovative lightweight cushioned footwear with a groundbreaking midsole. It is an unprecedented performance shoe that offers a soft unforgiving landing. 

It features the following.

An upper mesh that offers comfort and breathability

An EVA foam that provides a soft and responsive ride

1mm carbon fiber plate to provide maximum efficiency

It contains a perforated tongue with side wings that offers a stable and comfortable fit.

Early-stage Meta-Rocker for a smooth ride

An outside rubber outsole for traction and durability

Best Hoka men’s shoe for plantar fasciitis 2022?

The best Hoka men’s plantar fasciitis 2021 is the Hoka Arahi 5. It is a choice that provides comfort, stability, and necessary support to the foot. Arahi 5 shoe is best because its design includes enough cushioning. It has expansive space to accommodate wide feet, deters overpronation, and plantar fasciitis. Being a wide and flat shoe, Hoka Arahi 5 presents itself as a durable, luxurious shoe that feels just good. 

  1. They provide good cushioning for pain relief which acts as a shock absorber on every footstrike. The following tips embedded in Hoka Arahi 5 are a panacea for plantar fasciitis:
  2. The best Hoka men’s shoe for plantar fasciitis has excellent arch support. Whether it’s high or low arch support, you need to consider your feet’ pronation levels and the level of your shoe stability.
  3. A firm heel minimizes the relative stretching of the plantar fascia, which affects the absolute pain from plantar fasciitis.
  4. Arahi 5 are not minimalist shoes, and neither do they exhibit minimalist features.

Instead, they have adequate cushioning to lessen the impact of the shock.

Best Hoka Women’s shoe for plantar fasciitis 2021

  • Brooks Women’s addiction walker walking shoe

Plantar fasciitis is a severe condition after the connective tissue below the foot is stretched and inflamed. The pain usually worsens when you do an activity and lessens when you decide to take a break. The best way to ease the pain is to find the right cushioned and comfortable shoe.

Brooks women’s addiction shoe has a lot of reviews when it comes to helping with plantar fasciitis. Loaded with superior cushioning and arch support is the shoe. Moreover, the shoes have a midsole Hydro technology that offers more cushioning on the heel and forefoot.

Brooks doesn’t have reviews only, but many doctors recommend it to their patients with troubling foot conditions.

Best Hoka for walking? 

Walking shoes should be comfortable and stable, allowing you to walk figuratively. Hoka One is one brand that is making waves in the walking realm. It offers the best relaxing, supportive, and durable footwear collection.

Hoka One One offers the following best walking shoes

Hoka One One Clifton 8

Hoka One One Bondi 7

Hoka One One arahi 5

Hoka One One Gaviota 3

The Hoka One One Clifton 8 offers excellent comfort acting like a couch to the foot. It is perfect for long-distance walks with plush cushioning that offers soft steps.

It has a rockered design and a broad base that provides stable and effortless strides. The pair is by far a perfect shoe offering plenty of energy returns.

Moreover, it is surprisingly lightweight but very durable, designed to last longer.

The Hoka one arahi 5 is suitable for walking and best for flat feet. It has a wide toe box and a maxed-out plush cushioning. Apart from that, it comes with a super soft ortholite insole and a reliable grip.

It is also lightweight with a stiff plastic counter for excellent stability. You can always rely on this shoe when you have flat feet and want perfect protection on your feet.

Hoka One I 7 is the overall best walking footwear. It has an average level of comfort that comes from a well-cushioned construction. I love this shoe because it can take both the roads and the trails.

It comes with foam found around the collar that secures your feet reliably and incredibly. The maximalist shoe is so fashionable and durable.

Hoka One One Gaviota is best for flat-footed users who want to experience comfort and durability. It has an extraordinary level of cushioning that is perfect for users with flat feet and overpronators. It gives plenty of room for toes and an overwhelming amount of level padding.

You can spend your whole daily walking sessions with this shoe, and it feels warm, especially in winter.

Which Hoka is best for heel pain?

If your heels are hurting, then you are at the right place. Sometimes it’s challenging to figure out why you have plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, but the most likely answer is the type of shoe you wear that keeps your heel hurting all the time.

If you are looking for a shoe that will ease your heel pain, then you have to try the Hoka Gaviota 3

It is one of the best stability shoes with the Hoka J Frame technology, offering you foot support and protection. The shoe has superior cushioning, perfect for easing heel pain. It provides excellent breathability that works well in all weather conditions. Moreover, it contains an arch lock wing that provides midfoot stability and support. Additional to its quality features are shock absorption and durability.

What is the difference between Hoka arahi 3 and 4?

There’s a slight difference between Hoka Arahi 3 and Arahi 4.

The upper is the most significant change. The arahi 4 contains a more perforated midfoot that improves breathability, and the perforation is uniform from the toe through to the midfoot.

Arahi 3 has a large vent over the forefoot transitioning into a smooth midfoot.

Another difference is the pull tab on the heel. Arahi 3 comes with a vertical loop pinned at the back of the shoe.

Arahi 4 has a horizontally oriented loop which is much easier to slip a finger through and assist in tugging the shoe.

What is the difference between Hoka Bondi 6 and 7?

The Hoka Bondi 6 and 7 look very similar in feel and appearance. The most significant change is the pattern of the mesh upper. The Bondi 7 has a larger vent of perforations over the toe box and other smaller vents at the midfoot and arch.

Hoka Bondi 7 is more breathable at the upper.

The Bondi 7 is also way more padded and feels soft than Bondi 6.

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