Who makes the widest minimalist shoes?

A lot of brands are designing minimalist shoes. Nowadays, you have to be careful in choosing the best Minimalist Shoes for Wide Feet

Going minimalist means that you care so much about your feet, and you have decided to take a healthy foot route. This article will enlighten you on the best brands that make the broadest minimalist shoes, how to measure your feet to get the correct fitting, and various shoe shapes.

Many people ask the question, do I need to wear wide shoes? While you do not know if you can go for wide shoes, it’s always good to know your foot size and width. Many people still struggle to get their perfect shoe title to fit their foot type. The wide foot is a common problem affecting many people, and many are wearing the wrong footwear size because of that. 

If you find yourself uncomfortable in many shoe types, you might have wide feet, and you are wearing the wrong size. To be sure, if you need wide shoes, you have to measure your feet.

Firstly you should know that timing is essential to measure your feet. Measuring your feet at night will give you the best results since they slightly get more extensive in the evening. 

How to measure your feet

Get a piece of paper, measuring stick or tape, and pen. Make sure your feet are lying flat on a floor that is even. 

Stand on the paper, then trace an outline around the perimeter of each foot. Measure between the most comprehensive parts of your foot to get the width. You can also measure the length of your feet from the longest toe to the end of your heel. 

Make sure you measure all your feet because they sometimes differ in size. 

After taking the proper measurements, you can review your measurements. Take note that the decision to get wide shoes depends on the length of your shoe or shoe size, or whether you are a man or woman, and remember that need is more than the width of your foot. 

If your width measurement is around 3.75 inches and you wear a size 5, you require wide shoes, and if your size is slightly bigger, that is 7 or 8, you might choose medium width footwear. 

Men’s footwear size is usually larger than women’s; what is considered exhaustive for a woman’s shoe may not be necessarily broad for men.

You’ve to understand the type of foot shapes to get the correct shoe fit.

  • Types of foot shape

Foot types fall under four categories: slope type, mountain, plateau, and square type. 

The slope type has a prominent big toe, with the remaining toes smaller than the previous one. 

The mountain type has a second toe that is longer than the other toes. 

Plateau type has the same length on the first three toes, and the last ones are of different sizes. 

And finally, the square type has toes of the same length throughout. It’s easier to get your shoe size when you know your foot type.

Shoe Shape

Knowing the shoe shape also matters. We have the narrowed and widened shoe shapes, and the toe box usually determines this. You can also get very pointed shoe shapes. If your feet do not struggle to get in most of your shoes, then your feet may be narrow. If your feet roll off the edges of your soles, you fall under the broad shoe shape category, and your feet might be vast.

Who makes Whitins?

Whitin minimalist shoes have a wide toe box with a removable insole if you want a more barefoot feeling. Whitin is an amazon brand that makes a variety of kinds of shoes

Minimalist brands that make wide shoes

  • Vivo barefoot

They are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable with an incredible wide toe box that offers a perfect toe-splay. Vivo barefoot helps reduce overloading hot spots on foot.


  • Xero shoes

These are robustly built. The shoes are perfect at fighting typical wilting of the foot’s muscles, tendons, and soft tissues.


Other brands that make wide minimalist shoes are:

  • Zem Gear 
  • Vibram 
  • No bull
  • Feel max 
  • Altra
  • Tesla Running Shoes
  • What to know before you buy

Before choosing and buying any minimalist shoes, you must consider many things. Comfortable and properly fitting shoes are the keys to healthy feet. Getting the right fit for your feet is the way to go. Make sure your choice fits like a glove. They should be snug without extra space around the toes and heels. 

Look for the following features; lightweight, low drop, thin sole, and durability. 

If you have flat feet, get a pair with enlarged arch support. 

You should consider your toes, that is, if they are long, short, close together, or more spread out. Understanding this may help with the type of shoe and shape you have to choose. 

Please do not attempt to buy an uncomfortable shoe because it looks good on you. Many food conditions are a result of this and other poor decisions.

  • Gait and foot strike 

Minimalist shoes support a low-impact gait. The low heel drop helps you land on your midfoot or forefoot without depending on the heel. 

They are a good teaching tool for running with a midfoot or forefoot strike. You can achieve the natural flow of your feet when you choose minimalist shoes.

Is Vivobarefoot worth it? 

Vivobarefoot reviews are primarily favorable. Those who buy into the Vivobarefoot idea love the shoes. They aren’t cheap, but they are worth the price. 

Vivo barefoot makes good quality shoes with various styles to soothe your shoe taste. They are worthy of your money. The probability that you will be satisfied with the shoes is very high. 

However, as perfect and as close as they are to barefoot, their style cannot be everyone, and it may take time to transition and get used. As long as Vivo barefoot is within your budget, you are good to go.

Are no bulls zero drop?

No bulls are not necessarily zero drops. They have a heel-to-toe depth of 4mm, which is close to nothing. They have larger toe boxes which makes them great for transitioning. Moreover, they have a stable outsole and midsole.

Are converse considered zero drops? 

Converse makes 0mm heel-to-toe drop, making it ideal for those who want to feel the ground or love barefoot. Henceforth, they can fall under zero drop shoes. They are super flexible but very narrow, making them best for a slim and muscular foot.

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